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  1. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  2. Er i think i have to may attacking players... Attack!
  3. I'm a fellow Birmingham City fan enoying the game (escape from reality i guess!) Just finished my first season in 13th. My most expensive players are John Obi Mikel 17.25M cost 1.5 Ismael Alssati 11.75M cost free
  4. I think SI have done an excellent job overall and personally i dont want to see photos or 2D graphics in the game as it would probably slow the game down and add very little (keep these in the PC version only. Media involvement is another thing i dont want to see added as i think its importance is over played in the PC version its so contrived it pointless, stick to football side of things. I agree with others that the tactics need tinkering with. Seeing the latest scores would be useful. The thing is its a PSP game and excellent one at that please dont turn it into the PC version (do you really want an exact pc version on your psp - whats the point in owning the game twice?), i enjoy the simplicity of Football Manager Handheld.
  5. 8/10 Well done Si on an excellent game. The only thing so far that i would like changed is to have more preset formations, if i remember correctly there is no 4411 which is a surprise as its a common formation.
  6. someone beat you to it. Cheapes pre order