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  1. The guy commentating the video is completely off his rocker imo. The issues he has with the 3D representation and match engine are massive improvements over previous iterations. He has an issue with the goalkeeper jogging slowly forward with the ball taking it out of the penalty area before sending it up-pitch? wtf?! This is exactly how it happens 10's of times every single rl football match. Has he never watched a live game?
  2. Good fun this. In my Bath save I made it into the PL after some 10-11 seasons or so, was a very big struggle but managed to survive the 3 first season on final matchday. Had a 2000 capacity stadium at the time... Local council were a bunch of absolute asshats and blocked all stadium expansions. I started out in the Vanaram south with 8000 terrace capacity, so you would have thought that it is possible to fit more than 2000 seats into that, but nope!
  3. There are so many problems with the regens in these areas. You will almost never see any world class full/wing-backs, sweeper keepers (or keepers above 2.5 stars in general), technical proficient strikers, AMR/L positions other than wingers.
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=776349446 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=776349393 There's the overview of both
  5. I'm using two different tactics depending on the matchups. Variations of the Ultimate doom tactic and Dafuge's tactic. Both tactics have altered roles and PI's a bit to better suit my players and to address issues that I saw during games.
  6. One of the reasons why this entire discussion even exists, comes down to how easy it is to string good play together for even mediocre players. Passing, crossing and shooting under heavy pressure from multiple defenders is much much too easy in all previous fm ME's. You see the result in the aftermatch statistics clear as day in the "shots on goal" stat. It is consistenly 100-200% higher than in a normal football match. Shots on goal in a normal football match is usually less than 10 aside, if the game has been particuarly actionpacked, you might see up to 15 shots from one team and in very extreme cases 20, in fm16 15-20 shots on goal is the bare minimum. Extreme cases are 40-50 shots on goals from the dominating side. Show me a competetive real life match that had this many shots on goal.
  7. There are a 100000 thousand players in the database. They update these every year and they seem to reflect quite well on reality... I'm sure they accomplish this by having an extensive network of researchers and I'm sure they will not pass this particular batch of players by in their update for fm17. This seems like a pointless waste of time, sorry.
  8. Won't take you long to get back in the black if you can fill out the stadium 30+ times in a season.
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773608927 Met Luton from the 6th tier of english football as defending champions league and premier league champions, result was given beforehand obv. but 10 goals from one player?
  10. Really awesome career. Am looking forward to seeing you in fm17! One thing that really stands out is how you manage to cultivate your talents into world beaters, I simply can't figure out how to squeeze the extra 5% potential out of my talents that you somehow manage with apparent ease...
  11. Just a side question. Everyone refers to CA and PA in a set number. Where does this number come from? I have never seen it in my games...
  12. Yes. From what I read around the forum and my own experience, it seems to be a much better PPM than placing shots. Goalkeepers in FM16 have frogslegs and can make amazing jumps, thus they have the ability to catch even the most well placed shots, with "shoots with power" PPM, however, the keeper often can't catch the ball easily and either fumbles it in or gives ripostes.
  13. Here's my best striker at age 25 I hope to get many a good seasons from him. He won Best player in europe last season already. Bought him for £4.3m when he was 17 and all the development is now paying off! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=770779603
  14. Dude you are talking out of your ass. You are purely speculating based on personal bias. It's totally useless.
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