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  1. re-ranking mid-season didn't hold me back, in fact we were 8th with 12 games to go, but once i got tevez going we were really cooking. using 7.02 and v.4 btw. Also found benayoun who is not that fast 14 works well at mr, mainly down to his dribbling and technique. He also works well at the more attacking of the two mc positions even though he is not a natural mc and is rather too attacking for that role again i think down to his excellent technique - also scored 12 goals. I'll stop now, but it's a fascinating tactic and thanks to your excellent instructions it is so highly adaptable. I have
  2. Incidentally Bale is awesome at lb on this tactic, but lucas neil is mediocre at rb - seems that you need v strong defensive over attacking backs with this tactic.
  3. cracking tactic - followed your instructions about minor tweaks before most games - finished 4th with West Ham and won uefa cup! You really need a target man with 18 in heading and jumping though. Ashton has 15 and 16 lost a lot in the air but still somehow managed 24 goals. Not sure Tevez was being used to the full as the other striker so changed forward runs and run with ball from mixed to often and he was transformed! He hit 8 goals in the last 6 games of the season, having only got 8 in 40 before that. Thanks so much!
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