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  1. Hello. I haven't played FM in ages and never used the editor other than to edit kits or city population size. So what are the chances that I could use advanced rules and successfully create a database with 3 divisions in a new country, without creating real players, but adding cup and super cup competitions, stadiums that are shared by numerous teams across all 3 divisions, without knowing actual finances of most clubs or promotion funding, TV or ad revenue etc., with the requirement for clubs in the top division to have B clubs? Oh, and could devote 8-9 hours per week for this I guess. Any idea how many months this would take?
  2. Oh, thanks for clarifying. I thought this would be changed by now.
  3. Can shorts on generic kits be edited? Can pictures located in "data\sigfx\players\generic_kits" be edited to change those stripey and quarter or half coloured shorts into something else? And would this have any effect in-game?
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