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  1. I anit gonna be able to send you my saved game I can't connect to my pc an I wouldn't have a clue how to access that info with in my phone so unless this is a issue that sorts it's self out then I'll wait till iva I buy a pc or have the spare cash to buy it on ps3
  2. I'll send the saved game now and as for the updating my phone can't do that after being use as a football one night it no longer connects to a pc so if you wanted to email me a redeem code for the ps3 so I could download it on that instead I'd be grateful lol and as for the patience no problem FM is the greatest manager game ever been a fan since they sold CM and changed to FM
  3. I try turning on and off this didnt work an my iso is 4.0.1
  4. How do I find iso an to be honest no I havnt tried turning my phone off an on but I'll try now ...... An thank you for replying
  5. Can anyone help I've just completed my first season and as the ttys to load new season it reaches new club finances an crashes any way to stop this or have I wasted my money on the best football francise ever