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  1. If you make a new save you will first have to choose which database you will use, then you can add whatever custom data you want. It's all in the drop-down menu on the top right corner when you make a new save. Your changes will be there since the custom changes overrule the 'base DB'.
  2. Lukaku has -3 composure, -3 off the ball, -5 dribbling, -4 first touch. Salah's stats are almost identical and coming off a record breaking season.
  3. I don't know about Pogba but I would love an explanation on how Bailly has escaped getting a much lower concentration, decisions and composure considering his many horror performances in the past year. Other than that I don't know who is actually too highly rated at Man Utd, let's not forget they actually finished 2nd last year and all their players were bought for high fees and had very impressive careers prior to joining United.
  4. Nah I looked for a bit at his passing maps and assist xA's just to get a picture but I don't have time to compare them to the others. But that's also because I don't believe his 14 passing to be that much of an issue despite it probably being a little bit higher than he deserves. The only thing I'd say is that his crossing definitely is too high, considering he has only ever gotten 2 assists in the premier league and his crossing accuracy is identical to that of for instance Hector Bellerin who is a notoriously average crosser with an ingame cross attribute of 12 compared to TAA's 17 (and not room to grow to 20, like with the latter). https://www.premierleague.com/players/4474/Héctor-Bellerín/stats https://www.premierleague.com/players/14732/Trent-Alexander-Arnold/stats
  5. I think there's definitely a case to nerf Alexander-Arnold's passing. His current pass completion percentage is actually a fairly shocking 77% (http://www2.squawka.com/players/trent-alex-arnold/stats#performance-score#liverpool-(current)#english-barclays-premier-league#8#season-2017/2018#819#all-matches#1-38#by-match) while Robertson for instance, with an identical passing stat but a slightly higher decision stat (+2) has a passing accuracy of 85%. Cancelo actually has a ~86% pass accuracy and is perhaps underrated in comparison to those you listed but I think you also have to take into account the opposition they've played and the team they're and have been playing for as well as team style.
  6. Yarmolenko's injury is apparently 6+ months, as per Darren Lewis; https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-west-ham-winger-andriy-13453833 I also wonder if Bailly doesn't deserve a downgrade? Still at 170 PA and some of the highest physical and mental stats in game, despite being a horror show in terms of concentration and composure in real life for the past year...
  7. In game Declan Rice's contract runs out in 2019, which was previously believed to be correct, but latest reports suggest his contract doesn't actually expire next year; "West Ham have now improved that offer further with, it is understood, Rice’s representatives arguing for a higher basic salary and fewer add-ons. However, contrary to claims, Rice is not out of contract at the end of this season so West Ham can wait." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/09/27/west-ham-make-final-improved-contract-offer-declan-rice-frustration/
  8. His wikipedia page says 1.78 as well. As does soccerway. However Eurosport lists him at 184 and I saw him listed at 192 as well, so doesn't seem reliable.
  9. Kepa shouldn't get a higher rating simply because other teams have better keepers. Kepa is still extremely good in game but obviously a less decorated and experienced player than Ederson or Alisson. Agreed on Emerson though.
  10. According to Transfermarkt it was a £10m initial fee including bonuses that could bring up the total fee to £20 million. https://www.transfermarkt.com/andre-gray/profil/spieler/120565
  11. True. Arsenal's main assistant is Juan C Carcedo. Co-assistant is Bould. Perhaps engine limitations restricts each club to 1 assistant?
  12. Really? When? Pretty sure they can't put them in due to labour laws.
  13. I really think Kurt Zouma's pace and acceleration should get a severe downgrade, considering his recent injuries have taken their toll and he's nowhere near as quick as he was. Perhaps Bakayoko's poor year warrants a big downgrade as well? Emerson who hasn't seen any game time recently probably shouldn't be one of the top LBs in England.
  14. His positioning is 12, which is very average. What better defenders do you think have lower than that? I think that some of his mentals flatter to deceive, like determination, work rate and bravery at 15 make his overall stats look more impressive than they actually are, plus the fact that he performs very well defensively thanks to his pace which is extremely strong in the match engine. He isn't a great defender but I wouldn't say he's terrible either and imo his stats reflect that.
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