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  1. Not sure if the issue was present pre-full release but Mo Elneny's contract runs out at the end of the first season in game currently, in addition to the game stating his contract was signed in 2016. In reality his contract was renewed in 2018 and the in game info is outdated. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/03/26/mohamed-elneny-signs-new-long-term-arsenal-contract/
  2. Yes I understand, I did not mean any disrespect and I'm certain your judgement is better than mine, just my 0.2
  3. Hello mate, in general I think your upgrades this year have been fair and in line with performances. However I think you're (without any disrespect) slightly biased, like we all are, in favor of Gomez and might have perhaps overlooked how many actual disaster performances he's had since December/January or whenever he came back last. Barcelona first leg was extremely bad and this year he's had some real shockers too if I recall correctly. Perhaps his PA could stay at a similar level but his CA in my humble opinion should definitely take a big hit, especially considering how quickly he was buffed when he broke through. Keita is another player with what I would consider very generous stats considering how poor he has been, but I understand how his limited play time due to injuries could merit not nerfing him yet, but I do think he should receive a decrease in his movement and mental stats if his poor form continues into the winter update, since he definitely struggles to impact the games he plays in even when he is fit. Other than those two I'd say Liverpool are in a good place with accurate stats and I do think you deserve credit for replying to all the new Liverpool fans with 3 posts who think their favorite CL winner should all have a -10 or 190 PA Although I find the rest of the EPL stats fairly in line with reality, I do have to echo the sentiments others have put forward about Moise Kean of Everton; I understand he scored 6 goals in less than 600 minutes for Juventus last year, but considering prior to this upturn in form his total was 4 goals in 1300 or so minutes for club and country - the sample size was far too small to upgrade him into 18 FIN/15 COM/15 OTB, especially since he's got elite athletic ability on top of it... and the 9 apps with 0 goals this year for Everton kind of say it all. He is a talent for certain, but his stats make him a better striker than essentially everyone else despite a career total of about 10 league goals, a bit too good, wouldn't you agree? Last years stats were far more reasonable but perhaps a middle ground would be satisfactory... On the flip side I think Richarlison and Iwobi deserve slight upgrades or at least rebalancing to make their flair more apparent in their stats but obviously that's entirely a subjective judgement and I could certainly be wrong. But if Richarlison scored 13 goals in 2300 minutes last year, and Kean has managed to get a +4 FIN/3 COM on him I do have to wonder To finish off my lukewarm critique I just again echo what others have said about United - I do believe it's time for their stats to be looked at (especially Martial's 19 dribbling? Pogba's concentration/defensive ability, Lingard's 18 off the ball) in light of their extremely poor level of performances in the past 12 months but perhaps that is already being done.. but their squad overperforms by like 2 standard deviations compared to their real life counterparts for me. Great job on the database this year though, looks more complete and fair than ever. And we have to remember it's subjective and fans of clubs will never be happy until THEIR players are the best ever.
  4. If you make a new save you will first have to choose which database you will use, then you can add whatever custom data you want. It's all in the drop-down menu on the top right corner when you make a new save. Your changes will be there since the custom changes overrule the 'base DB'.
  5. It's pretty obvious they do this to build hype, they want us tweeting and posting about it to hype each other. Which is why they haven't said "no beta tonight". Just because I posted this they confirmed not tonight.
  6. As the title suggests, my game freezes when I maximize the game in windowed mode. The screen turns black and becomes unresponsive indefinitely. I don't the a crash message, nor a dump, but it happens every single time I maximize and only started doing so after yesterday's update. Unfortunately I have no crash dump from what I can see, due to the nature of the 'crash'. Am I the only one experiencing this? Running the game on a 6700k and GTX980 4gb with updated drivers, so I doubt that's where the issue is. Thanks.
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