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  1. I have a 27" iMac and its ****ing sensational!!!!!!!
  2. Im Dortmund, and nearly every game my defence/goalkeeper are making silly mistakes that are costing me goals, whether its the keeper fumbling or missing the ball, leaving the opponent with a tap in. Or my defender miss hits a back pass/header and they round my keeper and score, Or one that happens a lot is where the GK and CB leave it for each other from a cross or a long ball, hits my players and falls for the opponent who has a tap in. I just lost 3-0 the St Pauli where all three goals came from the mistakes i just mentioned, it happening nearly every other game and i'm sick of it. Also i'm sick of having great players in my team that cannot put two passes together and lose the ball from dilly dallying, and then the opponent goes and scores, i know its a goal when we have possession and we're messing about with the ball, going nowhere in a hurry, each pass my team makes barley makes it to his team mate and you just know your about to give away possession away and concede a goal. My Starting line up is :- Stegen, Pizcech, papadoupoulous,hummels, digne, bender,gundoghan, bernard, erikson, rues, and lewandowski, (sorry about spellings haha). Now that team is brilliant, but we win 3 then lose 2 and draw 1, and its all random, i beat top clubs away, lose to bottom clubs at home and EVERYTIME i lose, i normally have double the amount of shots and a lot more possession than them. Im just ****ing sick of it, i played Barcelona away, went to a 4-1-2-2-1, with a dmc two mc's an amr/aml and a st, and played Counter attack. I was 6-0 down at half time and lost the game 9-1. I just feel that what ever tactics i use, they wont influence the result or the way i play. i dont see any change in how i play with the 4/5 different tactics i use. Sorry for the rant but i love the game, but i just dont recognise fm13 to previous games! I dont know if anyone ever tried FM Online, but is just as random and hopeless as that. Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas i could use in my game (tactically) that would be great! Thanks.
  3. The transfer update i downloaded is not official, the guy who did must of ticked "will leave at the end of contract" for Lewandowski, is there a way i can change his mind, or is it set in stone? he currently has no interest in negotiating a new contract, im so annoyed, even though in real life he said he will leave, theres always a chance i can persuade, rooney has asked to leave utd twice, and twice hes been persuaded to stay! Hope you can help.
  4. Hi, im hoping for some help here, always had a pc and could always download graphics and put them on the game very easily (me/documents/SI/FM/Graphics folder. However on my new imac im really struggling to find out how to extract the files into the correct file, hope someone can help!
  5. I can only advertise for 4 jobs (senior team). Assistant manager, coach, goalkeeping coach, and physio. If i want to offer any other job, (the same four jobs with U19's & U20's) i have to manuely do by selecting coach and offering him a job role. Dont understand why i cant advertise these vacancys. also why cant i hire a fitness coach? when i took over scotland they had one fitness coach, but i released him, and now i cant offer a fitness coach role to anyone, its just the 4 jobs, as i stated at the start! Frustrating!
  6. Ok, im in my 7th season as Rotherham Utd manager, and my fourth season in the PL after 3 successive promotions. My ground is called The New York Stadium and as of 4 years ago ( my 1st season in the PL) the capacity is 20'000 After 2 upgrades. When I hover over expand stadium, it says "at maximum expansion capacity". So this tells that this stadium can not be expanded beyond 20'000. So if i want a bigger capacity i need a new stadium built!! Rotherham moved into the stadium in the 2012/2013 season so i was wondering if there was a set time in between having new stadiums, ive been filling the stadium to full capacity week in week out for 4 years. Your help will be much appreciated!!
  7. Check these out, i use them all the time, there brilliant manuels for getting the right coaches and other staff in!! http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/staff/staff-roles#scouts - http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-discussion/108074-football-manager-2013-staff-requirements.html
  8. I think i will keep it as a flat back four, and switch them from full backs to wing backs, i will let you know how it goes!!
  9. Just played Frieburg and was down 4-0 at H/T. Changed it back to full backs and pulled two back. Might need a bit of work needed!!
  10. I wanted to know the thoughts of some of you tactical genius's out there. Im playing 4-2-3-1 with a flat back four ( DR&DL are set as full-back support) and two wingers (AMR/AML). I was just wondering what you thought about me pushing my full backs up one place to Wing back and put them on support, both my full backs have 14 dribbling and this attribute comes into play when they are put to the wing back posistion. However I was wondering if doing this whilst also having wingers isnt such a good idea? Maybe they will get in each others way!? Anyway, would love to here some of your views on this matter.
  11. OneUnited, where do i find them sort of stats out on the game?
  12. so so right, this is what happens, it goes to a highlight where the opposistion are attackin, you win the ball back and have your own attack, you cross the ball in, they clear the ball, they attack down your right or left side, then cross the ball and score, i cannot tell you how many times that happens to me, easily 50% of all goals conceeded!!!!
  13. I went on hoilday till my next game on the 1st of september 2016 (thinking the tranfer window was closed) however when i returned one of my players (a 20 yr old czech star in the making) had been loaned out to everton. Even though hed started all 4 games for me this season, they are paying a monthly fee of 300k for him, but i cant terminate the loan, and when i tokk over everton to terminate the loan, i still couldnt do it? Its so frustrating, anyone else got any ideas on how to resolve this annoyance? Ps im Rotherham Utd in the PL. Got 3 staright promotion's to the prem and finished 8th in my first season with a yearly wage bill of £3.6million!!!
  14. Im starting a new save with rotherham, and was just wondering if there were some ream gems in the non league of english football that would be great signings for league 1&2 standard. Or if anyone has a thread i could go to? thanks.
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