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  1. Thank you for sharing. Is there any player instructions or is that all? Also I do not believe my CBs can play as ball-playing CBs as their passing and vision values are too low. I think it is ok if I just use normal CB-Defend for both. I am managing Arsenal and I am failing to win easy matches, although I am doing well for the standard of my players. Thank you for sharing.
  2. I couldn't stand having Cazorla. 'Shoots from distance' PPM is really a big turn off.
  3. Svenc says clearly in the second paragraph that AI adapts to your tactics as you get more successful but latter two posts say otherwise. Have I mis-read? I don't mind AI figuring out the user's tactics as time goes by but it shouldn't mean they can counter it. That's my issue.
  4. I can understand where the OP is coming from. I had the same thoughts in the early days of FM13. I almost just gave up due to the complexity of the match engine. It seemed and is still in order for you to be successful you have to have tons of time to analyse tactics and see where you did wrong. Even after said time, it's still very likely that you will never find why you are losing matches. Not everyone has the brain or time to figure out where things are going wrong. And NO, FMC isn't the answer. I tried FMC but doesn't feel FM at all. One of the many things I hated about FMC is the fact you can't boost player/team morale through interactions. The only it seemed to me is through positive results. FM14 is going the same route I see. AI learning your tactics and countering it to make your successful tactic all of a sudden horse sh*t. Just because they can learn your tactics doesn't mean they CAN counter it. For example, when Sam Allardyse (Bolton manager back then) found out the way to beat Arsenal is to compact the midfield and play physical with them, he got it right and beat them few times even with Blackburn. Few teams tried that method and succeeded but that was just 2 or 3 teams in the league because they had the right resources. Same case with Barcelona. Playing full defence with all 11 players behind the ball and then hitting on the counter. Many teams tried to exploit their tactics like this but only handful succeeded because, again, they had the right resources. In FM, the AI learns your tactics and now you are torn apart at every chance!
  5. Future Generation -------------------- Matthias Sieger (32m) ------------------ NYF/NYS* ----------- Fabio Proietti (6.75m) ---------- German Frontini (7.5m) ----------------- Batata (875K) ----------- NYF/NYS* -------------- Colin Goode (9.5m) --- Rock Oniangue (8.5m) ---- Charalabos Andralas (4m) -- Mohamed Ismail ------------------------ Frederic Petitjean (5m) -------------------------- Bench Ross Talbot (110k) Kim Sung-Min (2.5m) Danny Hale NYF/NYS = Not Yet Found / Not Yet Signed Only two of those are my youth products - Mohamed Ismail and Danny Hale. I paid a lot for M Sieger but it was down to the limited choices and him making NT debut at such young age. On top of that, he got selected for NT captaincy. I was desperate for a back-up striker for the ageing Cavani (almost 30) and one to replace him when the legend pasts his peak. Frontini and Proietti are almost-alike and would have being really difficult to give playing time in that role behind the striker with Wilshere (still young) ahead of them. So, I decided to train Frontini at right wing. After a whole season, he's only now competent in that position. Proietti will be back-up for Wilshere. The remaining two spots, AML and CM, will be filled by English players. I haven't found anyone worth of "definite 1st eleven in the future" for said position but hopefully I can find in this season or the very latest next season. Any suggestions/advice will be totally appreciated.
  6. Start of 5th season, the board gave me 181m pounds to spend. The only player I really wanted is Eden Hazard. I can't get him off Chelsea. My interest started all the way from March but he still has "no intention" to join Arsenal. I even got into his personal favourites. Thought 80m would at least make Chelsea accept but no! Anything beyond that would be crazy. I have two very good players down the left so am not desperate but a change to the squad would be terrific. Just refresh a bit. That and am also not quite sure if I can control myself from spending large portion of this budget. God knows how I survived keeping all 97m budget last season.
  7. Cesar Azpilicueta is a massive signing for you. If he develops as good as he's in my Arsenal save (4th season), you have got magnificent signing. I can't remember who signed him from Chelsea in that save but they wouldn't sell him to me even for 30m!
  8. You should give a shot to mine. The Reading one above. I too have older computer so only run one league but no viewable leagues added. Database is large (customized to add top players from North and South America). No player masking.
  9. Great. Let me know how you and anyone who downloaded fair. I'll go for it if I get bored with Everton.
  10. I am having bad first half of the second season. Fellani got injured early in the season and is out till Feb/March. I am languishing between 5th and 7th but way off top three. Haven't really sold anyone important bar Baines whom I replaced with Taylor from Swansea. In fact, I have strengthen the squad with Giaten and Weiss for wide positions. Don't know why we are struggling. Consistently inconsistent. My strikers are really struggling with goals. As for the UCL, I have finished 2nd in tough group but my lack of luck means we are going to play mighty Barca in last 16! I played him Box-2-Box. He won English Player of the year, English team of the year, and got into World Team of the year.
  11. Reading got taken over by Tycoon i December 2013. Mid second season. I was playing with the editor before starting this save with Everton so the changes I made do count (only made A Madrid rich). If I upload the save and post here, do I need to upload the database? or if I just upload the save you guys can access it straight away? Edited: It should work for everyone as proved by Anxiietyyy. Number of Leagues loaded: Only England. No viewable leagues added. Database: Customized (large. Top players from North and South America added) No player masking Here's the DL link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u8pd9ir0csa7svc/Reading_Tycoon.fm
  12. Do you say the same thing after every win "well done lads, that was a good win for us"? Their personalities match (high ambitious and high determination for Driven and Ambitious personalities) so I am bit confused why they would react that way if you played well and won the game. May be it's repetition of words.
  13. Sounds weird... As far as I know, the only reason a loan offer wouldn't be available is if you're out of the transfer window (or league rule preventing you from) but doesn't seem to be the case. Even if the club doesn't want to loan you the player, you should still be able to make the offer for the loan deal.
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