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  1. Thank you for sharing. Is there any player instructions or is that all? Also I do not believe my CBs can play as ball-playing CBs as their passing and vision values are too low. I think it is ok if I just use normal CB-Defend for both. I am managing Arsenal and I am failing to win easy matches, although I am doing well for the standard of my players. Thank you for sharing.
  2. I am not really sure. I suppose it is either 10 or 20 Sudden desperation, is it? Or just general inquiry
  3. MattFergie An outfield player can have rating greater than 1 in goalkeeping rating. I do have few players that have greater ratings than that. And vice verse for goalkeepers. It doesn't have to be one. Olejosea, Sometimes it is unavailable. I don't know the reason.
  4. It would have been easier to help if you give enough info like the formation you use. Anyways, from what I can understand from your post is that you play with 2 strikers up front: one being a secondary striker. I can split your problem into two parts: Either your strikers do not get enough chances (which could lead to your formation and tactics) or they do not have the necessary skills in the right places (for example a striker who has a very good composure will unlikely get under pressure instead will coolly slot home the chance) If your strikers are not getting enough chances to score, the
  5. To download the tactic: KIMZ V1 Tactic LINK 1: KIMZ VERSION 1 Tactic (Rapidshare website) Link 2: Download from Yousendit (Kimz V2) KIMZ V2 Tactic Link 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/103595113/Kimz_8.0.2_No_Tweaking_v2.tac.html Link 2: Download from Yousendit (Kimz V2 tactic) I uploaded both tactics for you. Download the tactic you want (V1 or V2) and then choose either link 1 or 2. I gave you two links in case one doesnt work for you. So suit yourself. As far as making work this tactic, all you need to do is when you download the tactic copy it to Documents/Sports Interactive/FM08/Ta
  6. Finished fourth season. Won the league Unbeaten, the Champions league, and the carling cup. Thank You Kim
  7. Never believed using tactics designed by other people but I have to say Kimz you are piece of something outa this world. I saw a lot of Arsenal fans using Kimz V1 (Arsenal Team Guide thread) so thought of using. It paid off. Al though I didnt win any trophies with it but have to say it is amazing. You can exploit teams like damn crazy and score goals. Something I really wanted against small teams. Through my 3rd season, after drawing 6 games out of 13 in the league, I started using this tactic and in my first game I won 8-0 at home against wigan. Out of the blue. Then my team started to cl
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