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  1. Looks like all SI staff have abandoned this one after 14.2. Can't blame them though, it is a mess.
  2. Why has the ball been replaced by a beachball in 2D match view SI? Sort it out SI.
  3. What is up with the height of the ball in 2D ME? In 14.1.X it seemed like the ball could not travel high of the ground and the goals were very short. Now the ball is pinged high into the air but probably too high?!
  4. Ironic that the boxed copies (excluding shipping) sell cheaper than the digital downloads.
  5. anywhere else? the clubs seem to want to charge £12.50 for international shipping.
  6. Does the demo of FM2014 get updates? Mine seems stuck on 14.1.1
  7. The OP mentioned he had changed the instructions and was open to PM those interested the new instructions. No need to rule with an iron fist.
  8. PM me the player instructions? Or could you upload the tactic? Thanks
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