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  1. this was said about a possible Android version too, not too long ago, but guess what: you pulled it off. I remember Marc said that WP7 did not support for writing in native code c++, but as things stand now, W8 and WP8 support c++. As Microsoft said, by allowing for coding in c++, we will see much, much more apps developed for iOS and Android, have an easy port to WP8 as well. I'm only saying. It would be sad if your great game won't be available for W8, as it will likely have a greater market share then iOS and Android combined. I am using W8 on the desktop as well as on an Acer W500 and the tablet works incredible good with the new Metro UI. I can't see why it can't be done, other then the lack of interest in the new W8. I'd like to hear the opinions of the developers.
  2. What are the chances that we will see FMH for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8? Since apps written for Windows 8 can be easily ported to Windows Phone 8 and the native support of coding in c++, it is hard to imagine you won't take advantage of it. Sure, WP market share is dissapointing, but Windows marketshare is huge. Even though the normal Windows FM is more detailed, I like the FMH for it's simplicity and pick up and play style. Thanks in advance. Also note that WP7 is one of the OS that is still hard to crack and therefore less vulnerable to warez. unlike Android and iOS.