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  1. I understand that they use the 2 million as the "cause" of rejecting my request. What I'm saying is that, logically, it doesn't make sense. Why would they board allow me a further £13k/week for player wages (that I don't need at the moment). But they won't allow me to sign one or more coaches for £500/week each? Basically, I should be able to spend some of that wage budget on staff wages instead of player wages - just as I'm able to spend some of that wage budget on transfers with the slider.
  2. I'm not sure if this is a bug as such, but there's a big disconnect between my wage budget and allowed staff. At Cork City, I have a wage budget of around £27k/pw and only spending around £14k/pw. We're £2 million in debt. The board is allowing me 3 first team coaches + 1 assistant manager - and requests for more are rejected because of the financial situation. If I can allocate the excess wage budget to my transfer budget, and vice versa, why can't I allocate it to the staff budget as well? It makes no sense that I can't be allowed to spend 2 x £500/pw of the wage budget for two more coaches.
  3. Generally, when replacing staff, it's a good idea to do a staff search and check if there are actually anyone better who wants to join you within your wage limits - before terminating the contracts of any existing staff. If you can get a better staff member, or an equal staff member cheaper, then go for it. And as Grifty mentioned, newgen staff can often be quite cheap with good stats. Also, I'd stay within the limits your board has given you to prevent them getting upset. Having more staff than "allowed" is in itself probably not a big deal, but it could become a deal breaker for the board if it's combined with underperformance in the league, for example. Your coaches are probably your most important staff. If you want to micromanage them, go to to the Coach Responsibilities screen (Training -> Coaches -> Edit Coach Assignments). Here you can assign your coaches to the different areas of training. You want to maximize the star ratings and keep the workload down. Ideally you want to have one really good coach for each category (who is only assigned to their one category) - and then maybe one or more allround coaches who can be assigned to categories with heavy workloads (their star rating won't matter as long as a better coach is assigned to the same category). But that's not always possible if your board doesn't allow enough coaches on staff - and then you have to compromise and assign some of your (good) coaches to more than one category. Having scouts with knowledge from different parts of the world can be good (check the Scouting -> Knowledge screen). But their Judging Player Ability/Potential stats are more important. The Director of Football, Loan Manager and Technical Director are really only needed if you want to delegate some tasks (DoF handles player transfers, Loan Manager handles player loans, TD handles hiring staff).
  4. You should resign in shame and then take a new job somewhere else far away.
  5. Playing with Athletic Bilbao is usually a lot of fun as you can only sign Basque players, which means you'll learn to rely a lot on youth (and plunder some of the other Basque clubs like Real Sociedad for their talents).
  6. But the problem right now is that we're stuck with a lacklustre match engine for FM19. Imagine if development and opt-in-beta kept continuing - instead of us having to wait until November for the next version of the game where issues may or may not have improved. I pretty much buy FM every year anyway. This year around €30. I'd happily pay twice that spread over the year to, say, €5/month, if it meant I got a game that's constantly improving, instead of only improving from November to March, and then having to start all over the following November with a whole host of new issues. And you can't really compare FM to Assassins Creed, Anthem or Destiny. Those games are regularly one-upped by new, shinier games. FM is more of a constant, with a slow, iterative development progression. Something like Paradox' strategy games would be a better point of comparison (Crusader Kings 2, Stellaris, etc). CK2 was release in 2012, and got its' most recent major update in November last year. I don't know if it would work out financially, though. It feels like the sales depend on the November hype.
  7. I understand. But some say that's the future of (some) games; Games As A Service.
  8. This is may be off a tangent, but could it be time for SI to consider a kind of subscription model for FM instead of a yearly purchase? Imagine paying €4-5/month with continuous updates and opt-in beta periods where new features are tested and the match engine is constantly improved. Would it work from a business perspective? Or would it miss the novelty of getting the NEW Football Manager every year? Would it work from a design perspective? Or would the slow'ish, incremental updates hamper the introduction of new and radical ideas? Like totally changing the UI from one iteration to the next or altering one of the modules in a significant way?
  9. But I don't want him to underlap. I want him to go to the touchline and cross
  10. Here's an example with short passing and low tempo. EDIT: There's nothing wrong with an example like this in an isolated sense. But like I said, my impression is that these situations happen more often than in earlier versions of the match engine. I haven't done enough analysis to determine whether it's a systemic problem.
  11. Yeah, I've noticed an increase in those out-of-play passes as well. The pass itself usually looks ok, but it seems to me like the wide player isn't following through on his forward run, and thus not reaching the ball. That in itself isn't unrealistic, though; it happens in every football match. It just seems to occur more often in this version of the match engine than previously. EDIT: I just had another one where it was definitely the passer's fault, and the wide player had no chance of reaching it.
  12. Then you need to sign them up on long contracts while they're young, and add an "Optional Contract Extension By Club" for as many years possible when negotiating that contract. Then you can either reject their transfer requests outright, or just accept it and let them sit on the list - I don't know what's better for their morale.
  13. I haven't tested it thoroughly - but it was very evident when processing outside of a match. I realize it takes some CPU power, but this was taking up around 80-90% of my i7 6700k.
  14. After updating to the latest beta, the game is suddenly HAMMERING my cpu - to the point where my entire system become sluggish. It hasn't done that on the earlier version.
  15. Try forcing V-sync to be ON in the 3D-settings in the Nvidia Control Panel. And maybe also G-sync in one of the other menus.
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