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  1. Try forcing V-sync to be ON in the 3D-settings in the Nvidia Control Panel. And maybe also G-sync in one of the other menus.
  2. Also, I just noticed something. I have a player in my Bilbao U19 squad - where I have full control over training. He's a natural MC, and competent in ML and DMC. I had set his individual training as MC/Box to Box - with an additional focus in shooting (finishing, long shots, technique). When I promoted him to the B-team, where I don't have full control over training, his individual training was immediately set to the generic "M (C) - Playing Positon" where none of the attributes are highlighted, and it's therefore impossible to tell what the training actually does. The additonal focus in "shooting" was still active, though, which seems odd. It seems like something here is not quite working as it should.
  3. Alright, thanks for checking. Would it then be fair to conclude that the AI does not make much use of the Position/Role/Duty focus in the individual training module?
  4. It doesn't seem as bad when watching the games in "2D Classic" view. Maybe it's linked to animations? The match still gets a bit out of sync in 2D, but I noticed that when it does, and I then press SPACE to pause the match - it keeps going for a little bit until it's "caught up". It doesn't seem to be doing this catching up in the 3D view until the ball goes out of play.
  5. But why aren't these attributes highlighted in the UI, like when you train a specific role? That seems rather incongruent.
  6. But the B-team manager is mainly using the standard "playing position" training schemes for individual training (see my screenshot above). In which kinds of scenarios should those be preferred over the more specialized role-based schemes? And do they affect the attributes directly in the same way?
  7. Yeah, I know that the B-team manager controls training, which is why it's greyed out. I'd just like to know if what's showing is what he's actually set the training to be. A lot of the players are on a "light" workload, which isn't ideal since most of them are youngsters who need development. It would be nice to know that they're in "good hands" as long as they're in the B-team - instead of me having to do workarounds like creating a separete holiday manager for the B-team, or promoting them all to the first team, set their training and then set them to be available for the B-team matches (and would that even work with regards to registration on the B-team?) I've uploaded my save as "LiquidCool_B-team-training".
  8. Is the information in the greyed out parts of the training screen of B-teams accurate? Or is it a case of the UI not actually showing the right information? If it's accurate, I'm not really impressed with my B-team manager's ability to set up individual training. See screenshot.
  9. So, my keeper picked up an obvious backpass from my DM, and the ref allowed it. It seems like the match engine didn't aknowledge that the keeper picked it up. I've attached a .pkm. It occurs at 64:21. Liquid_Cool_backpass_AthBilbao_v_RealMadrid.pkm
  10. Since the B2B midfielder has "roaming" active, it would probably be a good idea to partner him with someone who's more stationary. Deep-Lying Playermaker would be an obvious choice, as he has the opposite instruction active ("hold position"). Alternatatively just a plain old CM. In earlier versions of FM, the Ball-Winning Midfielder was set to press a lot, which could easily get him out of position - bit it seems that's not the case this year. At least for the visible instructions. He might be hardcoded to be more aggressive. Maybe try a few combinations and watch some games on Full Commentary and take notice of how they move?
  11. If you go to Scouting and click on the Filter tab (and the Advanced Filters further down on the new screen), you get some control the scout reports you want to receive. I haven't experimented much with it myself, though.
  12. I'm having a similar issue and it might just be the way the match engine is designed. But I'll try to experiment a bit. Maybe it would be beneficial to tell the players in question to "take more risks" and set their passing to be more direct. Also, it's a bit annoying that attacking full/wingbacks, for example, can't be told to dribble less - as that might cause them to cross the ball more as well. I'd really like the fullback role to be more generic, with less preset instructions, like the wide midfielder role is.
  13. It's really disturbing. Especially in penalty shootouts, where the flashing "GOAL!" will show up 1-2 seconds before the actual kick is taken.
  14. Your saves are most likely in this folder: C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\games If you copy everything from the "Football Manager 2019" folder it will include saved tactics and set piece set ups etc.
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