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  1. I have a player, Fabio Abiuso, whom I want to loan out. I put him on the development list for the Director of Football to handle. But now I get actual transfer offers for him, which the DoF outright rejects. The player is not on the Unwanted List and the DoF is not set to handle transfers. Is the fact that the player is on the development list somehow interfering with the DoF and the transfer response? Savegame uploaded as: LiquidCoool_DoF_DevelopmentList.fm
  2. I've been playing these games since the first Championship Managers in the early 90s. I used to be frustrated by not being able to fully understand and quantify everything; why is this player with bad attributes playing well? Why did my striker with finishing 20 just miss three sitters? TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT THIS ATTRIBUTE DOES!!1! etc. Even though FM is regarded as a kind of "spreadsheet game", there's really a lot of nuances and a huge human element. Even though everything is being run by numbers and equations, if you, as a player, aren't told the whole truth about the underlying maths,
  3. It seems that having a parent club can (in some instances?) give you access to their facilities. In my Modena game, that meant all my facilities were artificially boosted to "excellent". Is this an intended feature? It seems a bit excessive (and a bit of a "hack") that having a parent club with excellent facilities far away will boost your own everyday training facilities. I only noticed as my new board cut ties with Feyenoord after a takeover, plunging us back to "adequate/average".
  4. As I usually do, I started FM21 unemployed and go on holiday for about 6 months - and then check out vacant jobs. Modena in Italy was available, and they looked very promising as they had excellent youth recruitment level and excellent in most of the other training facilities. They also had Feyenoord as a parent club - and I had a suspicion that those two facts were linked. The terms of the link said something about sharing training facilities. That proved to be true, as I had a board takeover at the end of my first season. They cut the link with Feyenoord and now all the faciliti
  5. (I already posted this in the Italy forum, but I was asked to post it here as it seems like an UI issue) In Serie C, outside the transfer window, I can't seem to register the new keeper I got on a free transfer (Marenco), even though it says "Players signed on free transfers can be registered at any time". If I click on "Auto Select" on the registration screen, the keeper is picked. So it seems like a UI issue. I uploaded a savegame with the name: "LiquidCool_Serie_C_registration.fm". I just tried re-loading it on the full version of FM21 that came out today and the issue still persis
  6. @Stephen Glennon UPDATE: If I click on "Auto Select" on the registration screen, the keeper is picked. So it seems like a UI issue.
  7. Sure thing. It's named: "LiquidCool_Serie_C_registration.fm"
  8. In Serie C, I can't seem to register the new keeper I got on a free transfer (Marenco), even though it says "Players signed on free transfers can be registered at any time".
  9. I was under the impression that the "counter attack" instruction would override your usual passing instructions when the match engines decides that a counter attack "is on"? And that the overall mentality controlled the threshold of when that trigger was hit. At least that's how it used to be described in guides for earlier FM versions. I recall part of the trigger calculation being the number of players the opposition have behind the ball, when they lose it, compared the the number of players you have ahead of the ball; the better the numbers look in your favour (and the higher the ment
  10. I'll do what I've usually done the past few years: Start unemployed then go on holiday until late winter/early spring and grab a vacant position at a club with a promising youth setup. In FM20, my reputation was so low that the only job I could get was in Ireland's second best division. Had a blast getting Cobh Ramblers promoted and then switching to their rivals Cork City. This year I'll probably start with a somewhat higher reputation. Ireland was fun to try, but all the clubs are in so much debt that there's no economical wiggle room to improve the youth setup unless you qu
  11. Generally, when replacing staff, it's a good idea to do a staff search and check if there are actually anyone better who wants to join you within your wage limits - before terminating the contracts of any existing staff. If you can get a better staff member, or an equal staff member cheaper, then go for it. And as Grifty mentioned, newgen staff can often be quite cheap with good stats. Also, I'd stay within the limits your board has given you to prevent them getting upset. Having more staff than "allowed" is in itself probably not a big deal, but it could become a deal breaker for the bo
  12. You should resign in shame and then take a new job somewhere else far away.
  13. Playing with Athletic Bilbao is usually a lot of fun as you can only sign Basque players, which means you'll learn to rely a lot on youth (and plunder some of the other Basque clubs like Real Sociedad for their talents).
  14. But the problem right now is that we're stuck with a lacklustre match engine for FM19. Imagine if development and opt-in-beta kept continuing - instead of us having to wait until November for the next version of the game where issues may or may not have improved. I pretty much buy FM every year anyway. This year around €30. I'd happily pay twice that spread over the year to, say, €5/month, if it meant I got a game that's constantly improving, instead of only improving from November to March, and then having to start all over the following November with a whole host of new issues. A
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