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  1. just started on the update too, recommend any youngsters?
  2. Just signed him for West ham will see how he goes
  3. Guys maybe you can help me I was about to post when I saw this thread So I've got Van Persies contract up for renewal in just over 6 months, i'm trying to get him to drop his wage demands, but when i try and talk to a player, it just says warn or praise player regarding form/training?!? Am I looking in the wrong place? I had the same issue with Carrick and so I ended up releasing him when I didnt really want too Also, how come you cant talk to other managers whenever you want anymore, I used to love winding up Mancini all the time! Cheers
  4. Anyone tried the Brann one? How much money do you get??
  5. playing rossiter a lot as well as it looks like he becomes awesome, hes played 7 games for me so far
  6. started with liverpool a couple of nights ago, currently 5th 7 points off the top, signed will hughes in the summer and sent him straight back to derby, now in jan and just signed lowendowski for 5.5m!!! Sturridge has 17 for me this season tho so gonna be hard to shove him on the right
  7. Just started with Monte Carlo, so far signed Astori from Cagliari, Coentrao from Madrid, Montoya & Tello from Barcelona, board arent happy with the lack of High Profile signings, but felt I should strengthen the whole defence instead of just one player (I realise Tello is a winger)
  8. currently in jan transfer window, 3rd in the league only lost 3, but most recently to man city who are top so now 5 points behind them! only signed fernando from gremio before the season in the end, and a few kids (will hughes and bennett from derby off the top of my head) Walcott and Giroud have been lethal up top, but only play one up front so hard to keep them both in, as Walcott doesnt do brill on the right for me, not a fan of signing players in Jan, but still need a midfield ball winner as frimpong and coquellin not really upto it this is the game I have enjoyed the most in absolutely ages, well into it!!
  9. just started with arsenal, so far just signed fernando from gremio, i'm looking for a midfield hardman tho, love ball winners! considering gareth barry
  10. Nation: Russia Division: Top European Competition: Dont matter Media Prediction: Board Expectation(s): Transfer Budget: Big Wage Budget: Big Finances: Big Other: thinking rubin kazan unless anyone thinks different?
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