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  1. As a Newcastle fan I can't say it is seeing as we've only loaned one other player
  2. I have a few ideas floating around my head at this time. I haven't played FM13 as much as I want to and I haven't really had an established career save for years. First idea was Hartlepool as they're a reasonably local team to me and I'd like to try to make them the best team in the world. Another would be a Journeyman save as it would be more realistic and it would be an interesting challenge. Last idea would be the ​Big Euro Challenge or Gundo's Challenge.
  3. Soon after the season ended the board planned to add a few more seats to the stadium... ...which made my finances plummet right down
  4. Blyth Spartans - Blue Square Bet Premier - 2014/15 League Table League Positions Graph A brilliant season. We spent the majority of the time chasing Lincoln and we managed to catch them up in the end. FA Trophy - We played a full youth team for this game due to a congested fixture list and the result showed. FA Cup - An absolutely fantastic run, ended by a 3rd Round defeat to the Premier League Champions. At least we scored 2! Squad- A few of the squad from the success last season stayed however most were not used as a new squad was built. Transfers - A lot of loan signings again and some of the dead weight were released Finances - In the black again, FA Cup run helped again. Key Player Profiles: Phil Airey - Another great season for the striker, however he was second best this time round Jordan Bowen - The versatile midfielder had another great season and contributed to a number of goals and assists Matt Godden - The on loan man from Scunthorpe was our top scorer for the season and our best player Graham Stack - Good solid goalkeeper Career Overview Season League Position Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013/14 Blue Square Bet North 1st Blue Square Bet North Champions 2014/15 Blue Square Bet Prem 1st Blue Square Bet Prem Champions Next Season I'm not anticipating another promotion next season. Some serious squad improvement will be needed.
  5. Shortly after promotion to the conference, I got this message from the board...
  6. Blyth Spartans - Blue Square Bet North - 2013/14 League Table League Positions Graph We started off steadily but as soon as we took the lead we were unstoppable FA Trophy - I didn't really have too much interest in this competition but we had a decent run anyway, beating our arch rivals Gateshead. FA Cup - I said Blyth had a good history in this competition and we continued that tradition this year, the Dagenham and Redbridge TV game really helped my finances. Squad(1) (2) - We had the advantage of having some pretty good players in our ranks before we started but there was still work to be done. Transfers - Offloaded most of the rubbish in the squad and brought a few loan players later on in the season Finances - Much better than I expected, the cup run really helped Key Player Profiles: Phil Airey - Top scorer for the season, our best player Jordan Bowen - Played in CM for the first part of the season and LM the second half, we contributed both goals and assists to the team Hatib Cham - Made a decent striking partnership but was only fully used for the first half of the season Robert Dale - Reliable Blyth veteran, however I feel this is the best he will offer me Career Overview Season League Position Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013/14 Blue Square Bet North 1st Blue Square Bet North Champions Next Season Next season will be about consolidating our position in the conference and improving the squad.
  7. Okay, after various distractions and events stopping me from playing the game, I finally have enough time to resume this challenge as the team I chose last time. Blyth Spartans AFC History Blyth Spartans are a team based in Blyth, Northumberland, just north of Newcastle. The club was founded by Fred Stoker in September 1899. He decided to name the team after the Greek Spartan army in the hope that the players would give their all as they went into "battle" on the field of play. They joined the Northumberland League in 1901, and after success in that same year as well as 1905-06 and 1906-07, the club moved into the Northern Alliance. In 1913 the club moved into the semi professional North Eastern League where they stayed till the league folded in 1958, only managing to win the league once in 1937 and the cup twice in 1950 and 1955. The club then returned amateur and joined the Northern League in 1964 after failing to find a semi professional league to join. The club was one of the most successful clubs in this league during their 29 year spell, winning the league 10 times and placing second 5 times. They were then promoted into the Northern Premier League in the 1993-94 season. The club also has an impressive history in the FA Cup, most recently beating Shrewsbury and Bournemouth in the FA Cup in 2008-09, setting up a home tie against Premier League Blackburn, where they narrowly lost 1-0 Croft Park's Grandstand on a usual wet day up north Manager Profile I'm a Newcastle United fan so I will be taking on one of my local clubs Club Profile Only one minor trophy in the cabinet so far, hopefully it will be full very soon! General Information Plenty of rivals, however only matches vs Harrogate and Gateshead will most likely happen! Facilities The stadium is really nothing to be desired, hopefully we can expand/move soon. Finances Prepare to be destroyed come the end of the season! There are about 4 or 5 more sponsors cut off from the page. The aditional kit sponsor runs out in 2032! Squad We have a few decent players in that squad however improvements are needed. Phil Airey is probably one of my key players so I will have to tie him down to a permanent deal with League 2 Oxford breathing down our necks.
  8. Blyth Spartans A.F.C. Manager Profile I will be starting with one of my local teams, recently relegated Blyth Spartans!
  9. Professional, Loyal, Spirited Man Management - 16 Working With Youngsters - 6 Adaptability - 5 Judging Player Ability - 13 Judging Player Potential - 10 Level of Discipline - 20 Motivating - 16 Tactical Knowledge - 5
  10. Cracking save. Maybe your manager can confirm his senility when he's older by dropping down a load of leagues and going to manage Bath City for his final run:D
  11. Has anyone felt a particular referee has an agenda against you? Maybe they have a tendency to disallow goals or book your players. One ref who's name I hate seeing on the match preview is Blue Square South referee Andrew Sainsbury. These are his refereeing stats, as you can tell, he loves to give out a yellow card or 5 This was in the Playoff Final, clearly in an attempt to meet me again next season And this is the season after, he's not too keen on Chelmsford either So does anyone have a referee they hate seeing in matches?
  12. Hey dafuge, I've been following your many careers for a while, I was wondering if you have thought of any plans for FM13 yet, or are you going to decide nearer the time?
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