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  1. i'd like to be able to critisize my whole team at any time i want! i know i shouldnt but it'd make me feel a whole lot better sometimes! also ive always wanted my set piece takers to change depending on the situation! instead of having to stick with 1 player or any random player at any time i'd like to have a 'pool' of players both right and left sides that could choose randomly who takes what instead of the first in the queue always taking them!!
  2. I dont know if this has been suggested before but ive been thinking it since 05 nad i think cleon mentioned somthing about it on release of 07! I would like to be able to set individual instructions for individual player that are then set! So if i pick a new formation i dont have to set all the individual instructions again and therefore can choose any formation i like from the drop down menu during a match with the knowledge that my players will play the way i want them to! This also stands for substitutes that are different players than the ones being brought off!
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