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  1. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Thousands of reloads (well about 14hr straight on day1, 8hrs day2 and an hour a day since) Still havent got one of the two teams I wanted. Going to try again tomorrow and will have to accept anything below 1k since it doesn't look like i'll get my wish of one of the two worst teams If anyone has got them on a save regardless of the year pls upload a save file. I was tempted to modify there rep holiday 1 day and reduce there rep again but figured that would mess something up so going to take the honest path
  2. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Just signed up specifically so i could take part in this thread. I was doing a similar challenge on another site but wasn't allowed to sign players things.. didn't go great. Promoted season 1, relegated then had a squad of useless players with no hope lol (No-one would renew contracts and youth was pathetic). Anyway currently waiting for the year to simulate then will be doing the 1day holiday hoping to get Frome will settle for Totton though if need be. Will post up later today with the screenshot of profile and hopefully end of first season (wife & kids away for the night xD) Not sure how many saves it will have though as for some reason my pc keeps crashing when I play FM12 will try to restrict it to once every other month though. Wish me luck