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  1. The only thing i did for harder games was to put the mezzalas on support, the dlp to defend and a balanced mentality.
  2. This tactic is still insane, plays some interesting football and the defense is awesome. My Ac Milan team have conceded only 2 goals in the first 16 games of the season, just incredibly. https://gyazo.com/3ed214066260614f36fd9c737161a682
  3. This morning i decided that i wanted to do something that i have never done before in almost 15 years of playing FM games. I decided to try and set up my set pieces by myself and actually think about how i wanted them to work. So i did and played 10 friendly matches with AS Roma to try and see what kind of results i would get from it. And my conclusion is that holy S*** set pieces are very very very good this year. In these 10 friendly games i played i scored 45 goals in total. Now 5 of those where penalties so i decided to not count them in this little experiment. From free kicks (d
  4. Anyone else used Nicolas Kühn as a striker? becuse he has been absolutely amazing for me
  5. Sometimes the players and media in this game is funny.
  6. It seems like i just can't lose games in the league on this save. First season league table + the games iv played so far in the second season. It is close to being boring in the league atm, might just give up on this and give myself a harder challenge if i win CL this year.
  7. Finished the first season unbeaten in the league for the first time ever on any FM game! but i failed to win the games that really mattered in the FA Cup, Caraboa and CL. Devastating 2-0 loss to Man City in the Semis of the FA Cup after Herrera toke a red card early on... then after beating them 1-0 away the team choked at home and lost 2-0 to Juve in the quarter. Abit disappointed i failed when it really mattered the most but i made some key signings to fix some areas that i thought needed strengthening. Bought in Milinkovic-Savic and Goretzka to fix my midfield, Matic and Fellaini was j
  8. Decided to fire up an Man U save as usual just to try smt different budget wise. did spend alot of cash in the first window. https://gyazo.com/6caab7309e2fe1d41535d562277c8095 going for more or less all of the usual targets and trying to build a young squad that can develop into smt great. Playing a 3-4-3 wingback tactic that is really great in defense and the attack is starting to pick up aswell after alot of 1-0 wins in the first games of the season. https://gyazo.com/827d5a12945accd84fbc70e630ec4350 https://gyazo.com/bfe4b1e712ad169a5663b37f7fa4ecff Trashed Ars
  9. It's kinda sad how terrible Juve is sometimes in this game..... really takes alot of the fun out of playing in the Serie A..
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