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  1. This morning i decided that i wanted to do something that i have never done before in almost 15 years of playing FM games. I decided to try and set up my set pieces by myself and actually think about how i wanted them to work. So i did and played 10 friendly matches with AS Roma to try and see what kind of results i would get from it. And my conclusion is that holy S*** set pieces are very very very good this year. In these 10 friendly games i played i scored 45 goals in total. Now 5 of those where penalties so i decided to not count them in this little experiment. From free kicks (direct, small chance of shot. indirect wide, indirect deep) i created 5 goals (some very nice ones might i add, might have found a possible exploit in the process as well but that requires some more testing) From corners i created a total of 9 goals ( here is where it starts to get tricky to judge because 5 where straight headers into goal and 4 where scored in the havoc that followed the first header but i decided to count them as well because the ball A never left the penalty area and B toke no more then 5 seconds after the corner kick before it was a goal) From my throw-in routine i created 4 goals ( again its slightly hard to judge this because its not directly into goal but i decided to count anything under 3 passes including the throw itself before the ball was in the net) " just want to point out that i did not use the exploit where u can have 4 players hugging the sideline and the opponents don't know what to do" and then i had 1 free kick that went directly into the net. This is a total of 19 goals from set pieces in 10 games and 40 total goals not including the 5 penalties i also had. That comes down to 47,5% of my goals where scored from set pieces or in very close proximity to one. (assuming i don't suck at math) Now just looking at that number can make it look almost broken, should almost half your goals be scored from set pieces? and even if you can decided to not use them just the fact that it can be done feels a bit unrealistic. There is another way of looking at it and that's the fact that u can created crazy amounts of corners and throw-ins and that the goals scored looks really low compared to how many set pieces u actually created. For example i had a game where i had 20 corners and scored once. So what are other peoples experiences when it comes to offensive set pieces?
  2. Anyone else used Nicolas Kühn as a striker? becuse he has been absolutely amazing for me
  3. Sometimes the players and media in this game is funny.
  4. It seems like i just can't lose games in the league on this save. First season league table + the games iv played so far in the second season. It is close to being boring in the league atm, might just give up on this and give myself a harder challenge if i win CL this year.
  5. Finished the first season unbeaten in the league for the first time ever on any FM game! but i failed to win the games that really mattered in the FA Cup, Caraboa and CL. Devastating 2-0 loss to Man City in the Semis of the FA Cup after Herrera toke a red card early on... then after beating them 1-0 away the team choked at home and lost 2-0 to Juve in the quarter. Abit disappointed i failed when it really mattered the most but i made some key signings to fix some areas that i thought needed strengthening. Bought in Milinkovic-Savic and Goretzka to fix my midfield, Matic and Fellaini was just not good enough. Managed to get Mbappé for 75 upfront and another 70 over 3 years becuse i threw in a 40% on the next sale (figured i would never sell him anyway, and dont really need the money as MU anyway) The new signings have really made an impact so far after 4 games aswell with the highlight being 8-0 vs Tottenham where Savic,Goretzka and Mbappé all scored!
  6. Decided to fire up an Man U save as usual just to try smt different budget wise. did spend alot of cash in the first window. https://gyazo.com/6caab7309e2fe1d41535d562277c8095 going for more or less all of the usual targets and trying to build a young squad that can develop into smt great. Playing a 3-4-3 wingback tactic that is really great in defense and the attack is starting to pick up aswell after alot of 1-0 wins in the first games of the season. https://gyazo.com/827d5a12945accd84fbc70e630ec4350 https://gyazo.com/bfe4b1e712ad169a5663b37f7fa4ecff Trashed Arsenal 4-0 and won 3-1 vs Liverpool after Lukaku been subed in, scored and then got a red card leaving us 10 to 11 with 30 min left at 1-1 Played all of my reserves and alot of young players in the Caraboa vs leeds and lost in penaltys. Plan was to loose anyway so i could focus on more importent stuff.
  7. It's kinda sad how terrible Juve is sometimes in this game..... really takes alot of the fun out of playing in the Serie A..
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