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  1. Sometimes the players and media in this game is funny.
  2. It seems like i just can't lose games in the league on this save. First season league table + the games iv played so far in the second season. It is close to being boring in the league atm, might just give up on this and give myself a harder challenge if i win CL this year.
  3. Finished the first season unbeaten in the league for the first time ever on any FM game! but i failed to win the games that really mattered in the FA Cup, Caraboa and CL. Devastating 2-0 loss to Man City in the Semis of the FA Cup after Herrera toke a red card early on... then after beating them 1-0 away the team choked at home and lost 2-0 to Juve in the quarter. Abit disappointed i failed when it really mattered the most but i made some key signings to fix some areas that i thought needed strengthening. Bought in Milinkovic-Savic and Goretzka to fix my midfield, Matic and Fellaini was just not good enough. Managed to get Mbappé for 75 upfront and another 70 over 3 years becuse i threw in a 40% on the next sale (figured i would never sell him anyway, and dont really need the money as MU anyway) The new signings have really made an impact so far after 4 games aswell with the highlight being 8-0 vs Tottenham where Savic,Goretzka and Mbappé all scored!
  4. It's kinda sad how terrible Juve is sometimes in this game..... really takes alot of the fun out of playing in the Serie A..
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