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  1. gossy7

    FM19: Rate My Regen Thread

    One year update on Steven Brettell! He's just won the U20 World Cup for England, but his league form hasn't been quite as strong as his first few matches last year. I'm looking for a good experienced keeper to mentor him, possibly Lloris or Muslera.
  2. Getting this guy in my youth intake...
  3. gossy7

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    This is an old one from FM13, rank outsiders with a 9-1 lead from the first leg!
  4. gossy7

    FM19: Rate My Regen Thread

    He played 4 full matches in the premier league between joining and the end of the season. Only conceded 1goal, away to man city! Saved a penalty on his debut, 15 years old! Bit of work to do on his mentals but I think he's going to be incredible!
  5. I'm leaving most training to my AM, except for tweaks as sometimes with multiple matches in a week he seems to get confused doing no recovery sessions, or sometimes preparing for matches that aren't there. I've taken over my U18 training completely as I've had an incredible regen keeper but no other real prospects so the schedule is entirely focused around him, we'll see how he turns out! ( He conceded 1 goal in four games in the prem at the age of 15 for my relegation struggling Norwich side, the one goal conceded being away to Man City!!)
  6. I want to create a more elite champions league, basically the top 10 teams in Europe 10 teams playing each other twice. The teams would be... -Top 3 from previous season -Winner of Euro Cup (first season would be champions cup and EURO cup finalist for the top 4) -Winners of 6 groups of 4 qualifiers, of the highest place league team in the 24 highest rated leagues in europe (seeded) I want to have the qualifiers as a separate competition so top scorer stats etc are only for the main league, but I can't figure out how to bring each of the group winner into the new competition (and move the 20 teams who don't qualify into the euro cup). Also it only wants to give me the option of previous competition winner qualifying and won't let me do the top 3. Any help?
  7. gossy7

    [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000356262/screenshots/ I have a three week break with no fixtures in March.