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  1. gossy7

    Can't find players

    What countries do you have loaded and what size database are you using?
  2. gossy7

    Personality Guide

    If you just look under guides in the steam workshop it should be there if the links not working!
  3. I've made a guide to identifying players personality attributes on the steam workshop. I hope people find it useful, any feedback to improve or add to it would be welcome! Player Personality Guide
  4. gossy7

    Black ball

    I've had this too. Every match at the moment. Edit: Just realised this is on the Android forum, so ignore. This is on PC, sorry!
  5. Search for players with second nationality as American and no international caps. (General > Second Nationality > American) (International > International Caps > Is at most 0)
  6. On one of the earlier FM's, I saw Wales win the 2010 World Cup. Don't think I've seen anything to beat that in the last 10 years!
  7. gossy7

    Transfer - dislike of the club

    If he's very unhappy at his current club he may be prepared to overlook it, but he'd probably still want more money than he otherwise would. Maybe also if you praise him in the media so he likes you as a person that may help counter it. On balance though I'd probably just look for someone else.
  8. gossy7

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    This was just after half time on the last day of the season back on FM17.
  9. Just one leg in the semi final, also no FA cup replays, just extra time and penalties!
  10. gossy7

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Swedens goalkeeper coming up with a unique way to show his disappointment with his teams performance...
  11. Also, don't do your team meeting and morale boost before playing a team who has a pretty good chance of beating you anyway. Leave it until you're playing a game you should definitely win, as if you lose after doing it you can't necessarily do it all again for the next match!
  12. I had an offer accepted and contract agreed for a young player, I think around 7mil. I cancelled it in order to go for another player instead and he turned out to be one of the best players I'd ever seen and I was never able to sign him again!
  13. gossy7

    Journeyman & FM19

    Mine so far I started at FC United, got promoted through playoffs in my second season. Was offered Norwich job the following January, who were 6pts clear at the top of the championship! Couldn't say no! Had three seasons in the prem with Norwich, avoiding relegation on the last day, then 7th, then 11th. One Caribou cup win and one final. Just taken the England job after southgates resignation, I never really have a plan for where things go, just like to see where they take me. I was offered an interview for Chelsea without applying, but Abramovich refused to build me a new stadium so it didn't happen!
  14. Normally I stick to key, bit after getting the England job after Southgates resignation i've watched my first two games on comprehensive and quite enjoyed!