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  1. Update: I've sorted it. The older rolling saves worked fine so must of corrupted somehow the last time it saved.
  2. I'm not able to load my savegame today. Was working fine yesterday! Game starts up as normal but goes to a create manager screen on start up instead of the usual main menu. When I try to load the game I get an error message. I seem to be able to start a new game ok so the game seems to be working otherwise. I have deleted cache and verified game files. Will try uninstalling and reinstalling the game and steam next. Do you have any other suggestions to try and fix this?
  3. Interesting that, with the exception of FM12, the top 5 are all prime numbers! Maybe I'll skip until FM23!
  4. Would you be willing to post yours and Liverpool's fixture list side by side? I have a feeling a large amount of confirmation bias comes into these things. Everything that fits the theory is pounced on, but all the matches where it doesn't fit just get ignored. Also, across every person playing, the premier league is being simulated 1000's, maybe 1,000,000's of times! Unusual things that are 1,000,000-1 will sometimes happen, and when something unusual happens people are far more likely to post about it than if a season is roughly as expected. If I'd bought the game a few years ago and Leicester won the league, I'd have probably posted a bug report!
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Different players will have different preferences I think, so you won't necessarily find a schedule that pleases everyone all of the time. Do you mean 'rest'? Or do you mean 'recovery'? Recovery sessions will help to reduce injuries if you're not using them. Other than that, make sure you're rotating your squad and they're not too tired!
  6. Personally I wouldn't worry too much have a mercenary in the youth team. High ambition helps with training and him being in the team may help increase the ambition of other players. He may reduce the loyalty also, but realistically, how often do you actually know a players loyalty stat? Eventually he may get to big for his boots, and when he does, sell him!
  7. I'm not sure it matters what version it's on, I thought it was just a random chance what happens decidd at the start of the save. But this save was started during the beta.
  8. While we're on the subject... None of the leadership courses I've sent players on have been successful, is there anything I can do to increase the chances of them working?
  9. Three red cards in six minutes for N. Ireland!
  10. Getting 85 points and coming 5th must be pretty gutting though I would imagine! Several seasons of the 10 I've now played it would have been enough to win the league!!
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