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  1. Great work! Was wondering if you could possible do Singapore? I live there and would love to play the league ...
  2. Yes i know ... i am referring to the northern, southern league cup and the durham challenge cup will they be added as i want to be playing Spenny in these competitions ... you have misunderstood my post
  3. Will you also be adding the northern, southern league cup and the durham challenge cup? As i would love playing with Spenny Town ...
  4. Hi ... are you guys still working on the new version for this or its already case closed and preparing for FM17? As it was mention that you guys are still working on this and there will be more ...
  5. Ok. But since you are testing the level 24 now maybe you can check if it is still works if we leave some of the lower levels out the file will still work? Hope I am not asking too much but coz I don't think my comp can run the whole level 24 for a long term save. Don't really want my game to lag.
  6. Great videos! Especially the Financial Fair Play removal. Never knew it can be removed. Totally hated it. Thanks for sharing!
  7. cool. great to hear that. Been putting off my English save just to wait for your level 24. It will be compatible with the latest 15.2.1 right when it is out? Just one question. When your level 24 file is out, lets say we get promoted to the next level like level 24 to level 23, can we don't load the previous level and the file will still continue to work? Or we must have all level 24 loaded all the time in order for the file to work?
  8. Yap I think IRL the academy take in only French footballers. Even when they open for academy selections, they only do it in France. http://www.edusportacademy.com/en/home.html http://www.edusportacademy.com/en/detections.html And they have 15 hours of English classes per week after training. So I think that really sort of rule out that they will sign the odd Scotsman here and there to help with English. http://www.edusportacademy.com/en/education.html But they have a few Scottish staff so I think they are the "odd Scotsman" ... LOL http://www.edusportacademy.com/en/staff.html But good to know by changing where the clubs is based we can change the nationality of the youth intake.
  9. Here you go. http://www.fmscout.com/a-france-level-5-fm15.html
  10. Interesting. But for world cup wise? Russia will be under Asia and no longer in Europe right? Which means for world cup Russia need to qualify as one of the 4 Asian teams is that correct? Or are Russia still qualifying for World Cup as European country?
  11. Sorry for posting again but just thought of something very important which I think should be included as well. This should be include at the beginning of the guide under the headline of something like Important things to note. Things to note are as follows: 1. When using the editor, you may experience slow or poor performance if you are using low end system. It would be best to use the editor on an high end machine with 2GB or more. 2. Your files can be found via - after people subscribe to your file at steam workshop - Users/(Your user name)/AppData/local/Sports Interactive/FM2015/caches/ugc/(your file) .... and your files will be in folders with numbers like 347091582. You will need to click the folder in order to find out what file is in that particular folder. Point 2 is especially important, well to me as I am searching for the files I subscribed to as they don't appear in my game. And I only got to know it when someone in this forum pointed it out though I can't remember who the guy is but I took note of it and finally find the files that I subscribed to. The purpose of this headline is to include very essential information that people really need to know before using the editor. Not sure what to include but I think these 2 are the most important NEED TO KNOW before using the editor.
  12. For short guides, maybe I suggest using screenshots for explanation? For example 1. We can explain how to create a club and then we can provide some screenshots on what you will see when you finished creating a club. or 2. We can explain a bit about how to create a club and than provide a screenshot where items that we have explained are being highlighted or whatever so that people can understand or visually what we have written. Well since it is a short guide, having screenshots will be ideal in my opinion since people can understand better and we can make it short, simple and straight to the point.
  13. Yeah I am with this one about the hardcoded issue. It will save lots of time.
  14. Just to give my two cents worth. I not really into the editor but do use it for personal use for editing small stuff and like what have been said above is quite upset with all the bugs in this year editor. Really not user friendly. 1. The save to steam workshop function is good idea but totally broken. So many of files that I created for personal use or subscribed from workshop, don't appear in my game. Until someone in this forum pointed out that the workshop is broken and our files can be found via - Users/(Your user name)/AppData/local/Sports Interactive/FM2015/caches/ugc/(your file) .... but our files will be in folders with numbers like 347091582 and like me I have quite of those folders so I have to click on everyone of them to find the file that I want and than move them to the correct place. And also it won't let you save as to your previous file you have created. In the end I have a few of the one file I have created. It is really frustrating and truly time wasting. As I should be enjoying the game and not wasting time to find my file in order to play the game. 2. Things that are hardcoded in the game and can't be change in the editor would be nice to know. Like what others have said before a manual is really being needed. And I found it the hard way for this when trying to edit Australia rules only to find out after so many days and hours of trial and error that it is hard coded so no point in editing.
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