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  1. Just managed to get to UEFA CL final after several seasons (a real surprise actually) and my 18 yo goalkeeper was away on international duty . Second GK was not registered as I got him to late and third was injured. Had to play with a 17 yo GK from the youth team. Got hammered by Chelsea. I have no idea what competition he was on, but I'm sure that IRL he would have stayed to play the final. And another one, I signed a player that only speaks English and apparently I have nobody at the team that speaks English. Like I only speak Martian. Everybody speaks English FFS.
  2. In job search to be able to filter staff that is interested in my National Team position as an ass man, under 21 coach, etc. Now I can only choose for my club.
  3. Although it was talked about in other topics (hope not in this one): I'd like to see a balance of the money I make as a manager and perhaps to introduce wage for international managers. A simple sum of wage income, the bonuses I get in case the manager get bonuses from winning competitions or something. And second the remove of age limitation for managers.
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