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  1. i would like to see challenges in the start up menu maybe sleeping giants a DOF, dafauge already set up in the game so its ready at a push of a button ...i think it has been done in a previous game where you had to save a particular team from relegation .....thoughts people ...?
  2. i`m starting with the toon today and have the latest signings with a budget of 29 mil...any suggestions as to who to sell and who`s a must to buy ...any advice would be appreciated ...
  3. can anyone tell me which one of these 5 laptops will run 3d comfortably https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-16J562-1673-MSI-GL62-7QF-1673UK_2080711.html will all 5 run the top nations say 1st and 2nd tier leagues england,germany,france spain italy etc etc with maybe a medium to large database ...cheers in advance
  4. hi smurf ...ive noticed you have pointed out this laptop to quite a few people,https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-16J562-1673-MSI-GL62-7QF-1673UK_2066567.html i was wondering at this price for £599 how many leagues will this run comfortably and will it struggle with the 3d graphics....i`m curious as i`m thinking on buying a laptop ready for the new fm18 coming out...i`m not very computer knowledgeable so go easy on me mate ...thanks in advance aceman
  5. i just need the key code ...as i already have the disc mate will ANY of those codes work if i pay or will it not work because that disc has already been assigned a key >
  6. hi, could anybody tell me if there is a way of getting a NEW activation code ..i bought this game off ebay the other week and unknown to me the code had already been used...now even though i got my money back the original seller does not want the game back and told me to bin it as they won`t play it ....it just seems a real waste of a game for me to just throw it away ...are there any genuine sites where i can get a activation code..if i can get a code that works i would gladly send original seller the money i paid for it ..?
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