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  1. Amazing work on this thank you. Only issue I see is the high number of 16,15,17 & 18 year olds leaving Academy’s and signing for USL clubs. Couple years in and have most of USL Championship clubs with starting 11 comprised of 16-19 year olds. Been thinking about trying to edit and put “max # of U18” rule in for championship and League 1.
  2. Let us know how it goes, curious to see if clubs attract same caliber players but just pay them more.
  3. Thanks for all your labor on this. Looking forward to starting as an Acadmey club, have you had chance to look at issue raised couple of posts ahead of this?
  4. Any progress on a 2019 edition? Really looking forward to it. I have done a basic editor adding USL Championsip but can’t get to work. Have been waiting for this ! Thanks
  5. meter

    U.S. lower level leagues

    Now with the NPSL Pro announced, anyone working on this? I have put together a non advanced (added teams to NASL then changed NASL name to NPSL Pro). Issues: -Cant change this division level from 2 to 3 and cant change USL from 3 to 2. -Playoffs for NPSL - Want to have Regular Season Champion recorded and also have playoff. But Champion is only recorded as the Playoff winner. -Roster Limits have set in non advanced at 25 but some NPSL and USL teams carry over 25. Any ideas how to fix?
  6. meter

    [U.S.A.] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Seeing very poor roster management by the AI for MLS clubs. Many teams carrying 15-19 players. Does not appear to be salary cap related. Anyone else seeing this?
  7. meter

    U.S. lower level leagues

    USA please
  8. meter

    U.S. lower level leagues

    niceman14- waiting on your file to start my career. Looking forward to it!
  9. This is great, thanks for your work. Do you have plans to include the USL League 1? Also, I know some USL (NASL) teams have "academies", NC FC, Cosmos, Edmonton, few others.. Are these incorporated into game - E.g. , Are they listed as a U18 team for Cosmos..? I have tried to do this and have failed miserably. Thanks again
  10. Anyone try to add u18’s as reserve team and see them produce regens? I’m trying to do this in hopes it works so i can delete the academy clubs.
  11. Finally enjoying FM18! Thank you. Anway you can update your graphics pack with actual Detroit FC logo?
  12. Thanks for your work Uncle Sam! this has been asked before i know, sorry but want to be sure. If i wanted to swap team with say FC Cincinnati from USl , day Detroit City FC. I can do that in editor i know. But for Academy, I will need to create one and place them in Acad Division? Also , plan on increasing finances, reputation, assign affiliate.. anything else you suggest. Want to finally start a real save. thanks again
  13. Thanks for your work on this, really enjoying. Side MLS question if you may know answer. What effect does the Head of Youth Development play for MLS clubs? Do they improve quality of regens of the academy teams? Trying to figure out what they do. thanks again