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  1. I am seeing this as well. Not a huge deal IMHO. I am playing 2.13 version and seeing San Diego (in NISA) and Cosmos both signing players from their academy, pretty cool. Loving this version.
  2. on a side note, anyone know of an updated Stadium File that has USA lower leagues?
  3. Looking forward to it Uncle Sam. Your work is appreciated.
  4. Want to start new game with Falkirk. They don’t have a current u-18 squad. Do they still get youth in take? Will I be able to request from board at some point? Any insight is appreciated.
  5. Managing in MLS. Have won the CCL and Campeonse Cup and the Trophy graphic are not showing up in my Overview with other cups. I checked non MLS clubs (Mexican) and they show up in theirs respectively. Tried clearing cache and reloading and not working.. Anyone ever experienced this?
  6. Any updates? When you started with this db did you ," Add players to playable teams" ?
  7. Really liked using this last year, would like to know also.
  8. Uncle Sam I have noted few things below regarding gameplay and wonder if you can comment your thoughts. -USL Leagues - any possible way to record regular season winner? As of now only showing trophies for Playoff Champion(s) - USL 1 - can you add nother registration period ? Maybe June? AI having hard time registering players as they bring in frees and loans in April - May and these players don’t play. -NISA- official today that Detroit City FC have joined . Chattanooga is to follow. This change will mean NPSL pro is gone. Cosmos while ussf suit is going , will not be joining NISS anytime soon. In general: -is there a way to make a “minimum” age for USL leagues,NISA, NPSL. Thinking 17, this may prevent 15,16 year olds from being poached. I have seen improvement in this with last update. -can you make “max” roster size for same leagues as above ? Some clubs will carry 30-40 players which is not realistic. loving the DB and can’t wait to see DCFC in NISA as my career will finally start.
  9. Unclesam or anyone else, do you recommend “filling playable teams with players”? will this possibly stop the USL 1-2 teams from poaching academy players?
  10. I agree and am really enjoying. The only issue-problem I see is the high number of 15-18 year old transfers to USL Championship, NPSL Pro, USL 1 and clubs from these divisions using these players as starters. Not sure if this is case of High PA of these players, Not enough Current CA American players or these clubs choosing to pay these young players a lower salary then the older perhaps higher PA and CA players. Not a show stopper but as playing in USL Championship and seeing the Rowdies dropping big name players for youth does not seem realistic.
  11. Amazing work on this thank you. Only issue I see is the high number of 16,15,17 & 18 year olds leaving Academy’s and signing for USL clubs. Couple years in and have most of USL Championship clubs with starting 11 comprised of 16-19 year olds. Been thinking about trying to edit and put “max # of U18” rule in for championship and League 1.
  12. Let us know how it goes, curious to see if clubs attract same caliber players but just pay them more.
  13. Thanks for all your labor on this. Looking forward to starting as an Acadmey club, have you had chance to look at issue raised couple of posts ahead of this?
  14. Any progress on a 2019 edition? Really looking forward to it. I have done a basic editor adding USL Championsip but can’t get to work. Have been waiting for this ! Thanks
  15. Now with the NPSL Pro announced, anyone working on this? I have put together a non advanced (added teams to NASL then changed NASL name to NPSL Pro). Issues: -Cant change this division level from 2 to 3 and cant change USL from 3 to 2. -Playoffs for NPSL - Want to have Regular Season Champion recorded and also have playoff. But Champion is only recorded as the Playoff winner. -Roster Limits have set in non advanced at 25 but some NPSL and USL teams carry over 25. Any ideas how to fix?
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