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  1. Cutrone. Deigned to come to Wolves in the summer of 2017 for around 20m including instalments. Was top scorer in Championship and helped me win the league and Carabao cup. Now in my second season (1st in EPL) he’s won the European Golden boy and is scoring for fun 40+ goals so far helping me in our race towards the top of the league (currently 2nd one point off Spurs with three teams below us seperated by 3 points) as well as our Europa League run (currently at QF about to face his previous club AC Milan). From the start I used him mainly as a SS in strikerless formations and the fact tha
  2. Roland Sallai Cant be bought in first window as he only joined APOEL Nicosia in July 2017. 21 yo Hungarian AMC/R with excellent stats and only about 5million. Bought him for Leicester in 2nd season hes been great in first coupla months.
  3. In my fourth season (3rd in 1st Division) I won the league by about 25points, won the Cup pretty comfortably and got up to the semis of the Libertadores. I am financially stable (about 12 mil in the bank), bringing in the crowds and have a formidable squad. Actually I want to make it even more formidable (as I do have a big transfer budget for Argentina) but I am frustrated as I cant find decent cbs for reasonable money (around 14 for marking and tackling plus same or similar pace and acceleration) or wingbacks who can tackle and mark properly or cms/dms who are pacey. This is very frustr
  4. I am currently about to start my fourth season with Argentinos Jrs in what is turning out to be a pretty enjoyable save. So far my record is: 1st Season: Winners 2nd division and Cup Winners 2nd Season: Runners Up 1st division and Cup Semi Finalists. Super Copa winners (vs River Plate). 3rd Season: Super Copa, Cup Winners and Champions. Entered the Copa Libertadores in the tail end of 3rd season (around January). Dunno if that's proper or a bug as per my previous emails. Came 2nd in a pretty difficult group and currently about to face Gremio in the first knock out.
  5. Very instructive post thanks. I won both the copa argentina while i was in 2nd division with Argentinos and the super copa next season. Wasnt i supposed to qualify for the libertadores as a result?
  6. Also there was no opening and closing stage or average points system. After playing against all 29 teams just once i came 2nd and the league finished. This doesnt seem right
  7. Also there was no opening and closing stage or average points system. After playing against all 29 teams just once i came 2nd and the league finished. This doesnt seem right
  8. I won the copa in my first season and came 2nd in the premier league in my second season yet i didnt go in the copa libertadores either season. Anybody knows why?!
  9. Ive sold all the Argentinos' oldies by the 2nd January window - people like Lenci and Machin (latter for only 250k - he was one of my few tutors but he was getting very slow and I don't like slow players at all). In the process of selling Braian Romero for 3.2m plus 250 in 12 months instalments. Im buying a younger AM/CF (whose name escapes me) with pretty good stats for 1m plus 2m over 48 months and tho my bank balance is "healthy" at 6m I wouldn't have space for him. Other than my new cb I mention above and my new rb (Im at office not with the game so names escape me - It think the cb's
  10. My save with Argentinos in the first season was getting boring (mainly cos I didn't like the tactics I was using). Managed to win the league as well as the cup but I then left the save dormant and played other saves. However Ive gone back, changed the tactics to my tried and trusted "4132" narrow strikerless, sold a couple of players, bought a couple of oldies at cb and fb/wb (were the only ones who were cheap as well as had good stats that I like - ie 13/14 pace and acceleration and 14 tackling and marking for cbs) and loaned in a few as well, most notably Conechny and Tevez, and started
  11. Since this is a thread on Argentinian league I think you ll find these interesting (and informative): http://fmgrasshopper.com/blog/2016/11/22/managing-in-argentina-10-tips-to-survive http://fmgrasshopper.com/blog/
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