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  1. It's certainly a thing in other leagues, being looked at:
  2. No, it's not unplayable, but my point was equally that it is that "hard to mentor/tutor up" younger players and that mentoring can't handle it if the only players available to mentor are all also affected. Newgens don't come in until the youth intake ticks over, so even if they came in in enough numbers to replace an entire senior squad (which they won't, obviously), that doesn't affect the first-season experience. For illustration: I started, and quickly stopped, a Scandinavian save last night, July start, unemployed, accept the first offer that comes in. That was Linkoping, bottom of o
  3. Some leagues, particularly lower/poorer leagues, are made up predominantly of players below the age of 23 with unset attributes in the database. If you're playing a team in one of those leagues, everyone is affected and you don't have anyone - and may not be able to get anyone - to mentor the 90% of your team with their personality attributes set to minimum. So while it might not affect highly-researched, higher-tier leagues, that's not the case elsewhere, and "elsewhere" represents a very large chunk of the available playable league structure.
  4. I don't know how much of the challenge I'll end up doing, but having reloaded a zillion times trying to get Lewes, I figure these saves might help for a few hard-to-land clubs I've seen mentioned on the thread. Saves have all UK+I leagues active, large database + players from regional premier divs + I think top Central European clubs (or possibly in continental competition, or both; I forget.). And an unretired and truly terrifying holiday manager as a bonus. Lewes Met Police Basford
  5. It all depends what the rest of your instructions/tactics are, but while it's certainly possible to be doubled-up down the flanks playing with wingbacks (or wide mids in, say, a 3-4-1-2), it's by no means suicidal and you can to some extent mitigate that weakness by playing to other strengths. If your DCs are big and good in the air, crosses are less of an issue, particularly if you have a defending CM/DM who can tackle back and clean up any second phase ball. If you want to tie up a flank more effectively, playing a WB(d)/DW(d) on that side with either a covering central/defensive midfielder
  6. Yeah, I thought it was: Youth recruitment - affects PA of newgens; the better it is, the higher your max cap. Junior coaching - affects CA of newgens; the better it is, the better their starting level, though it has no bearing on their potential. Youth facilities - affects maximum CA increase/attribute development for U18 squad. Youth coaching - affects rate of CA increase/attribute development for U18 squad. Training facilities - as youth ones, but for players in senior and U21 squads. Senior/U21 coaching - as youth ones, but for players in senior and U21 s
  7. 5-2-1-2 WB So the season's over and I've got to be happy with how things went. In addition to 4th in the league - and with a couple of matches to go, there were I think five teams, down to Hannover, in contention for the last Champions League slot, so it was very close - we also won the cup, beating Augsburg 3-2 in the final. (Easier than it looked; they only got their second in the 93rd minute; that said, we'd lost twice to them in the league, conceding 5 and scoring 0.) In the Europa, we were dismal, winning only our last game to finish 3rd in the group, having failed to qual
  8. 5-2-1-2 WB Into the final third of the season, and while too many draws since the winter break has seen us slip 6 pts off the Champions League places, we're solidly in 5th (and with an easy-looking cup semi-final against Union Berlin coming in April). Gutted, though, that in a 4-0 demolition of Schalke so one-sided they'd have abandoned it in the first half if it were a boxing match, Guirassy picked up an 85th minute broken toe that's going to put him out for up to 8 weeks. In the last 12 matches he's played since I started using him as the right-sided F9 (he played four, promisingly
  9. 5-2-1-2 WB Halfway point in the season - just a game against Hertha in the cup to go before the winter break - and I'm mostly happy with progress. The current form of the standard tactic seems to be mostly working except against wide, aggressive teams - and we notched up thoroughly pleasing wins against then-table toppers Mainz 3-0 and Bayern 2-1. The latter was particularly pleasing; we were 1-0 up and they hadn't threatened when Ozcan was sent off on 60 minutes. We promptly went 2-0 up, Cordoba playing in Clemens at WBL for a classic counter goal. Bayern pulled one back on 83 minutes, b
  10. *delicate cough* Level playing field, and all that... *delicate cough* That said, still impressive work with a formation that looked like an absolute dog to get clicking together, and Ozalp looks ridiculously good for his age.
  11. Yeah, that does seem so. It's a shame - I last had a stab at a catenaccio system I think in FM15, back when there was no IWB but you could tell CWBs to cut inside et al., and the Facchetti role, with no one ahead of him on the left, worked really well, particularly with a right-footed left back.
  12. From memory, I have: Both WBs (or whatever you have) on the posts. Three DCs (and/or bigger defensive guys) zonally marking the near post centre, centre, far post centre. Two MCs and the bigger ST (whoever's left from everything else) set to go back/whatever the non-man-mark instruction in the box is. AMC (or main creative outlet) on the edge of the box to cover for someone lurking on the edge, or to start a counter. One ST (preferably someone quick, able to chase down a long ball, and/or tall) staying forward as an outlet. I've used variants throughout FM18 (
  13. 5-2-1-2 WB Into November and we're still inconsistent. When it works, it's playing almost exactly like it should (allowing for this not being the original Herrera formation, and for 50 years of evolution since). This goal against Braunschweig in the cup was pretty much exactly what I'd hoped for: Some head tennis after their goal kick sees our IWB(a) - #17 (Clemens) - steal the ball off their right mid and immediately lay it off to the BPD - #3 (Heintz) - in centre defence. He passes it out to the DCL #4 (Mere), while Clemens starts moving on the attack. Mere knocks it up to h
  14. 5-2-1-2 WB So far it's been a mixed bag for a quasi-catenaccio setup. Pre-season went fine, but after 8 league games we're W3 D2 L3, with the best defence (as you'd hope) and the second-worst attack (as you'd fear), and a thumping by Zenit in the Europa followed by a draw with Rosenborg that we should/would have won if Clemens hadn't been red carded after 7 minutes. Our main weaknesses seem to be playing against 4-2-3-1 wide systems - even though we're solid against crosses into the box, something usually gets in - or teams, like RB Leipzig or HSV, set up to play on the counter
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