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  1. mattgoth

    For Those Working In IT/Programming, etc

    I'm not sure what's used most in the industry but my university teach Programming Principles in C# as they reckon it's the most forgiving language to learn how to program in, rather than just learning the language (if that makes sense).
  2. I've read through the thread so I do apologise if I have missed it and this has already been answered but... Cleon - it sounds like from your opening post that you use the same match strategy (counter) for every game. Is this the case, while using shouts to alter your tactics depending on the oppositions strengths/weakness, or do you vary the match strategy depending on the strength of the opposition? Thanks
  3. Great thread - the diagrams really help with understanding how the team talk feature works rather than 'do x when player feels like y'. Now just don't get complacent
  4. mattgoth

    More Benefit Cuts

    Slightly off-topic but that's an all too familiar story unfortunately. I've had chronic Crohns Disease since I was 14 and spent my late teens/early 20s on Incapacity Benefit after becoming seriously ill. I'm studying Networks and Security at University now trying to make a career for myself and become a valuable member of society but I still feel ashamed that I've had to rely on the benefit in the past (mainly due to the attitude shown by those such as SRL88), despite being part of its intended demographic. I'm currently going through another flare up at the moment which has involved a cancer scare potentially caused by my medication (all clear fortunately) and decided to apply for DLA after advice from my Consultant/GP, which got refused. The fact that I will have to potentially rely on the government in order to survive in the future scares me witless, but hopefully it will not come to that!
  5. Many thanks guys, I've took all this advice on board and I'm having much more success while the oppositions key players are having less of an impact on the game. Another quick question in regards to the 'off the ball' stat and it's interaction with tight marking (both in the tactics screen and opposition instructions). If an attacker has a high 'off the ball' stat would it be more effective to tight mark him, reducing his ability to find space and ensuring he doesn't lose his marker; or use normal/loose marking so the defender can back off and keep an eye on the attackers movement and react accordingly - I'm guessing this is dependant on the defenders 'marking' stat relative to the attackers 'off the ball' stat?
  6. Hey guys, I've read numerous guides on this subject however I always seem to end up confusing myself or coming across conflicting opinions. The problem I have is knowing when to use opposition instructions to the best effect because 10 minutes or so of checking the opposition players stats results in me being incredibly confused, for example: Player A has high pace and acceleration values, so if tight marked my defender would be left for dead by balls over the top and closing him down would result in my defender getting skinned far too often. Logic would then dictate that I should use tight marking and closing down rarely, however, a problem arises when Player A also has high passing, creativity and dribbling. Tight marking and closing down rarely would give him far too much time and space on the ball to play a killer pass or bypass my defensive line, but tight marking or closing down often would also cause problems due to his pace and acceleration. The only other option is to leave the opposition instructions for this player at the default values, however this seems to be incredibly foolish for an obvious match winner. For the other opposition instructions I generally use 'show onto foot' for players with a weak or very weak foot and I hard tackle players with low bravery and strength values while I easy tackle players with high pace, acceleration and dribbling. I also close down often defensive players with low composure. Are these assumptions correct? Basically my question is are there any guidelines that the game follows to determine who should/should not be closed down, tight marked, showed onto foot and hard/easy tackled?
  7. mattgoth

    Crohn's disease

    What can I say I'm an expert lurker Interestingly enough I was asked to take part in a trial for something called Helminthic Therapy a year or two back. Fingers crossed they start to understand the disease a bit better over the next few years and can devise an effective treatment. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helminthic_therapy
  8. mattgoth

    Crohn's disease

    I've had it since I was 14. From my experience the illness is just like a roller coaster. After being initially diagnosed and treated it never caused another problem untill I was around 18... then I had a huge flare up and 5 years down the line after 4 operations I'm finally getting back on my feet. However alot of people can go their entire lives without having any problems (other than initially). There's just no way of knowing really. Surgery tends to be a last resort option as there *can* be problems with the bowel healing properly but I believe the success rate is really high. I think general treatment for Crohn's is steroids initially to get things under control and then a course of anti-inflammatory drugs to keep it that way, with the occasional course of steroids to help manage flare ups. If this doesn't improve things then I think it's usually immunosuppressant drugs or surgery depending on how ill you are (atleast this is how they dealt with me). My consultant also told me to stay away from cigarette smoke as this can apparently irritate the Crohn's.