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  1. I've read through the thread so I do apologise if I have missed it and this has already been answered but... Cleon - it sounds like from your opening post that you use the same match strategy (counter) for every game. Is this the case, while using shouts to alter your tactics depending on the oppositions strengths/weakness, or do you vary the match strategy depending on the strength of the opposition? Thanks
  2. Great thread - the diagrams really help with understanding how the team talk feature works rather than 'do x when player feels like y'. Now just don't get complacent
  3. Many thanks guys, I've took all this advice on board and I'm having much more success while the oppositions key players are having less of an impact on the game. Another quick question in regards to the 'off the ball' stat and it's interaction with tight marking (both in the tactics screen and opposition instructions). If an attacker has a high 'off the ball' stat would it be more effective to tight mark him, reducing his ability to find space and ensuring he doesn't lose his marker; or use normal/loose marking so the defender can back off and keep an eye on the attackers movement and react accordingly - I'm guessing this is dependant on the defenders 'marking' stat relative to the attackers 'off the ball' stat?