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  1. Yeah - i strictly used it as an Away tactic whilst using Blue Matter as my Home tactic and i ended up winning the league, and am now into the ACL Semis so far so good - although overall i didn't perform as well Away as i did at Home, but this could be due to switching from VOL1 to VOL2 mid season. (although i also changed from BMVOL1 to VOL2 at the same time) -During the 9 games i used GBVOL1 before switching i got 4 wins & 5 draws (fully fluid) -During the 14 games i've used GBVOL2 since i switched i've got 6 wins, 4 draws & 4 losses although almost all the wins were big ones. I'm going to try knap's latest update now; i'm coming to the end of pre-season so this time it'll be better timed aha.
  2. VOL2's working great for me now the team's become fluid with it, athough i'm finding that i'm conceeding more goals with VOL2 than VOL1 - should i just try VOL3? (assuming the latest version is generally the 'best' one) Also i've continued to use GOODBYE VOL2 for away games and i'm getting more draws than i'd like - do you have a 'better performing' 343 formation tactic at the moment? Thanks, love your work
  3. I'll try this now with my Newcastle Jets save.
  4. Thanks for quick feedback - Yeah i'm sure he would do well in the Australian League aswell i know what you mean. One more query, would you recommend trying the systems without any OI's or have you found there's not much difference?
  5. Just over halfway through the regular season, 1st place with only 1 loss - so far so good! hardly any of my players are accomplished at the positions but even "red" players are performing well. So far these are the results, I have instructed my AM to assign OI's and have gone along with his in-game OI's aswell. Haven't tweaked anything. In the last 3 games I've still had 10-15+ shots & 2 of those conceeded goals were from counter-attacks, forwards just aren't finishing Looking at Home (Blue Matter) & Away (Goodbye) results, BM's performed better despite my forwards being less competent at the PR's. These are my current best XI's, made no signings - due to the league's salary cap/limitations i'm not too sure which positions to improve - which are, if any, are the most important positions in these tactics?
  6. Hey there @knap, I'm going to start a career with Newcastle Jets in A-League (Media Prediction: Last) running your 433 Blue Matter at home & 343 Goodbye away, i'll let you know how i go - One question though - say i'm using BM and i want to hold a lead; is there a ideal change to the tactic i should do or would switching to GB do the trick? I've already read that for GB i should change to WB's to Defend Also have you found any bogey formations for BM or GB that i shouldn't use them against?
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