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  1. Came across a few Sunderland dates of birth from yesterday’s programme Patrick Almond 16/04/2003 Tom Scott 06/11/2002 Harrison Bond 04/12/2003 Zak Johnson 25/05/2005 Caden Kelly 20/11/2003 also despite the club website saying Ethan Kachosa is left footed he appears to be right footed
  2. Managed to find this with a date of birth for Harry gardiner in Sunderland u18 squad
  3. The article is from February 2020 when the club announced his pre contract, presumably in response to a lot of players leaving from his age group, he’s now a second year the below screenshot shows him as a contract u21 player for 21/22, I noticed also Luke chapman isn’t listed there so I can only imagine he’s still on a youth deal I also noticed Nathan newall has the same agent as fieldson so could be useful information there for him as well
  4. A few minor Sunderland things Adam Richardson is on a pro deal as per https://www.safc.com/news/academy-news/2020/february/richardson-pens-long-term-deal He’s also listed in the EFL squad list Zac Johnson should be spelled Zak Henry fieldson is left footed according to his agent also holds his date of birth https://www.thesportsagents.co.uk/football/henry-fieldson Cameron jessup has played cb every appearance since joining and is listed as such on the club website https://www.safc.com/players/u23s/cameron-jessup Jacob carney is 6 foot 2 according to himself 3 minutes into this Excellent effort to it all though considering there seems to be an active effort from the club to hide the youth teams in recent times
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