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  1. What's the best version of the 442 in terms of strikers? I like my strikers to be the main goal threat.
  2. Knap, I'm think about starting a new save with Sevilla in Spain. Now, I was thinking about Beowulf 4231 Press for home/easy games and TIME 4231 Positive for away or more difficult games with maybe Beowulf 424 112P when I need a goal. Would this work?
  3. Horrible. Football being played is awful, the striker does absolutely nothing, the defense is pure amateurism. Julian Brandt as a a left INF is brutal, Bailey as well on the right. But they're great players.
  4. Seems very interesting and I would love to try it. However, can you elaborate a little more on the mentalities? How would you choose each one with regard to the pre-match odds?
  5. It looks awesome, mate. Quick question, do we just download version 2 with man marking the opposition backs for harder matches or do we download standard version 2 and the original contain?
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