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  1. thanks to you for this new jewel ! you are one of the most interesting managers of the moment with jtaylor
  2. Thank you very much for informing about this new tactic. The article is of very good quality. I am really looking forward to seeing the instructions. I already subscribe to the philosophy. will give you information about the instructions soon.
  3. Pulsar's message says "Hi, I've tweaked TFF's Cerber V4 and I think I managed to improve it.I changed the attacking width to "Extremely Wide" and the mentality to "Attacking".Also, I added TFF's new attacking free-kicks and tweaked the passing instructions of the WBL and WBR positions."
  4. have you seen Pulsar's version of "cerber 4"? I have just tested it and it is really amazing. Pulsar has taken the place of number 1 on the FM Arena website. Place that was held by TTF before that https://fm-arena.com/table/6-patch-20-4-4/ Apache v1.0 (Cerber V4 Tweak).fmf
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