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  1. I keep getting this error. I've also tried adding funds to my Steam wallet outwith the game and that doesn't work either.
  2. 'the worst game ever" is what i have been reading in this car crash of a thread, how may of those were around at the release of CM3 and CM4? Now those were disasters
  3. The abilty to save Touchline Shouts would be nice rather than having to manually select them once the match has started
  4. Will i need a 16k RAM pack for my ZX81 or will FM run well enough straight out of the box?
  5. Mark Kerr in CM 01/02 Not enough mention of him in this thread which surprises me, starts at Falkirk and is a beast.
  6. Working till 8:30 so i've a long wait dammit Thanks for all the hard work, i'm sure it will be a blast
  7. Liking the sound of this matey. Will you be doing the SPL?
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