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  1. I want to start a save in India in FM 2014, the problem is Indian teams don't have any Champions League spots at the start, will this change with time as Indian teams find success in the AFC Cup for instance or will Asian Champions League places remain the same?
  2. I'm in the same situation here, sent them an email earlier today but no reply. I guess we'll find out soon enough anyway
  3. Very happy with Martinez otherwise I would welcome him here purely for the name.
  4. Well I get a crash dump everytime I get to the match preview screen. Already deleted preferences, cleared cache etc but no luck. Kind of makes it difficult to play the game... Had no problems before the update.
  5. Enjoying the game very much so far, only a couple of gripes with the ME. Can't get the defensive settings quite right (so maybe it's my problem), but defenders either seem to press too much, which makes them get sucked out of position, or too little, and then the opposition players just breeze through everyone until they're in the box and have enough space and time to shoot. I've tried plenty of options by now and can't seem to improve upon these two extremes too much (and I've tried selecting no options at all as well). The second issue is the goalkeeper constantly booting it forward despite me telling him to distribute to defenders / distribute to specific defender. I've tried telling him to play short as well. I don't think it's because the defenders aren't in good positions as they're often in yards of space. Anyway, very happy overall like I said at the start. Currently 5th with Everton in March so can't complain too much
  6. Well, Monaco before they were saved by a billionaire. From CL finalists in 2004 to bottom of Ligue 2 a couple of years ago. And then from the bottom of Ligue 2 to the top of Ligue 1 in the space of a couple of years. I also remember Nantes being in the CL not long ago as well as Auxerre. Nantes is back now but they've spent quite a lot of time in the second tier I think.
  7. Does anyone know if the number of teams that qualify for the Asian CL from a particular nation changes when that nation's league gets better? I guess what I'm asking is if the AFC rankings are dynamic in game, like the European ones. The reason I ask is that I'm managing in India, and as far as I can see there's no way that an Indian team can qualify for the CL, only for the Asian Confederation Cup. Quite annoying when you're trying to turn India into a super power.
  8. This. In my case it's actually the yellows and reds from the previous match still showing up.
  9. I have the same problem. My backgrounds are now showing up ok in the squad, club etc screens, but I only get the coloured seats in these mini pictures. Any ideas?
  10. That's interesting because my away record with this tactic is brilliant, whereas at home it could be improved. Most people who have tested the tactic on another forum agree. Trying to find the perfect formula for home matches at the moment. Not that it's bad at home or anything, but I often struggle to break down weaker teams. Got promoted with Stalybridge as champions in the save btw.
  11. Got Stalybridge promoted with 2 games to spare. I will upload the screenshots with the results and final league table. Made a couple of small tweaks after the Christmas period when I lost a couple of matches: 1: Moved the centre back that was set to act as cover up to defensive midfield as an anchor man. I noticed that the opposition were exploiting the gap between my defenders and midfielders, and also winning many second balls. 2: I had made the team play through the middle, but I unticked the box so it's set to mixed now. This is because despite playing with a narrow formation and small pitch size, I noticed that the WBs and the 2 defensive forwards were often having a lot of space down the wings and the ball was hardly ever played in to them.
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