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  1. Ive changed to the Kung Fu 3-4-3 tactic now as the fuss one faded away. However Mick Brooks has now scored 31 in 31 and just turned 17, it’s only February. Well worth buying.
  2. Working for me as Truroninnthe Vanarama South, currently approaching Christmas and sat top of the league and was predicted 11th
  3. I’m at the end of November with Truro in Vanarama South but top of the league with Fuss’s tactic. Signed a young 16 year old striker called Mick Brooks who has 20 goals already in 19 games but I do have a large database.
  4. I'm midway through my second Owls season already and sit 8th in the premiership. Only really got Lees, Helam and Matthias playing still. Still have Lee, Bannan, Palmer, Forestieri and Wilsmtih in the squad but none of them are really getting a look in.
  5. Great tactic! Is it essential to have get stuck in as I'm giving so many fouls away and getting a lot of cards!
  6. Name: Yuri Mamute Position: ST Age: 20 Club: Gremio Value: can't remember Sale Value: £2m Work Permit Needed: yes but easily got. Great all rounder and already scored 12 in 9 for my Sheff Wed team!
  7. Actually loving this tactic, just beat Man Utd away 3-0 creating 5 CC!!!
  8. will give it a go with my Owls team in 3rd season, yet to find a consistent tactic
  9. By far my favourite tactic from FM 2012, any plans for one on FM 2013?
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