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  1. Just to let everyone know I've got in-game editor enabled and there also some pre-game edited stuff as well. Game starts 25th April 2020. Countries loaded: Australia, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, USA, and Wales. Approximate Player Count is 108k. It's also 225MB. Anyone interested? Edit: Here's the save if anyone wants it.
  2. Why not download the demo? As far as I know it's as up to date as the full version and it's free.
  3. I've posted a reply here and I'll also link the album showing the changes here. Hope whenever the next update gets released editing match fitness will be put back in.
  4. I'm making a league pyramid for Australia and I'm having trouble getting the league start date to be at the same time as England. This is what my editor settings looks like and This is what it looks like when creating a league. Selecting Australia as the start date starts in the middle of august after the league has already played a game and also cutting a month or so for transfers. Another problem I'm having is that even though I have the matchday set to Saturday I get matches scheduled for Wednesday, and it's not 1 or 2 games its a full 10 games and then it schedules another 9 games on the following weekend. This is the two league schedules, English Premier League and Australian Premier League. I'm hoping there is a way to make most of the league games scheduled for Friday through to Monday unless there is a cup game or continental game on the weekend. I've dabbled with the advanced editor but there is just so many settings and options that I decided to try and get most of it working through the basic editor then going advanced later on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I've re-created the Asian Champs League and the qualification pages look like This and This. The FA Cup winner is 2-19 because I made it an even number of teams to make it easier in the rounds and such. Everything looks fine so I go ahead and start a new game selecting the two databases like So, nothing wrong so far. Game starts fine, all the leagues I want load but the problem is the Aus league looks like This while the EPL looks like This. I holiday through the months until end of the Aus season and it crashes close to the end of the season. I've got a post in the bug forums but I'm hoping someone might be able to figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  6. How do I edit the continental leagues prize money without re-creating the entire champions league? I've already re-created it but now I'm getting a crash dump at the end of the first Australian season, I'm pretty sure the problem is with getting the teams from Australian Premier Division since the rules tab in-game has nothing about what place goes to the champs league like it does on the EPL.
  7. I've created a league structure of 7 playable leagues with promotions, relegations, etc, but the main problem I'm finding is that after 4-5 seasons the initial reputation and prize money of the leagues have dropped significantly as well as all the quality youth moving away to international leagues. What do I have to edit so that the Australian leagues stay on par with the EPL in terms of prize money, reputation and players wanting to play in the leagues. Could it be that Australia can only go to the Asian Champs League which isn't as big as europa and uefa champs league, really don't want to have to edit Asian continental competitions as well.
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