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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to create a team full of famous footballers son in the game such as hagi, zidane, Ronaldo etc I just wondered if any of you guys had come across any of these and are they any good?
  2. Ok i tried reinstalling it but i still get the same errors so maybe ive not done it correctly are there any guides to completly uninstall/reinstall for steam and mac cheers
  3. Just thinking are there some files that may have been damaged which is preventing from showing club kits on the main screen and also the shirts on the tactic page?
  4. hi i've just tried that and still having no luck unfortunately
  5. Yeah I've tried that but again it still doesn't make any difference
  6. Btw I just notice something on the main menu I get a message in red at top left hand side of gpu rendering could this be anything to do with it?
  7. Yeah I've just tried that now but not made any difference it's strange as it was working fine but now some of the graphics seem to disappear
  8. Hi first off i'm not sure if this is the correct place but FM15 was working fine until i started a new game and the screen where you choose a new team the graphic of the shirts has disappeared and then when i look at my tactics screen the shirts have disappeared from the pitch but the names are still there, has anyone had this problem before and if so do you know how i get them back? Thanks
  9. i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but ive try downloading the SI data editor on steam by subscribing to it but when i try and run FM15 then it isnt there is anyone else having this problem?
  10. Thanks for your input guys I'll try and adopt this to my tactic just a quick thought instead of playing with wingers would having two raudementors or one raudementor and an inside forward have an adverse effect? I like my wife men to contribute to scoring and assisting and ive played with one raudementor before and was very successful
  11. Thanks for that it was my first tactic ever so obviously it's not that good lol I'll scour the threads to see where I can improve but if anyone could give me a few little pointers on the areas to improve that would be great
  12. Hi i just wondered if people could help me with my tactic after a good early start to the season when i was keeping it tight at the back and scoring freely i'm now struggling to score or keep a clean sheet. Most of my goals conceded come from crosses into the box and failing to defend corners. Although i have noticed a lot of 35 yard screamers going in as well. i go witha control mentality and a structured shape. My team instructions are more direct passing, shoot on sight, close down more, get stuck in, prevent gk distribution, more expressive and higher tempo. My positions are as follows: GK Complete wing back - attack Central defender - stopper Central Defender - cover Complete wing back - attack Ball winning midfielder - defend Deep lying playmaker - support Winger - Support Winger - Attack Advanced playmaker - attack Advanced forward - Attack If you think there are any things that you would change or tweak any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  13. Still think there are massive room for improvement on the match engine, i'm playing in league one and almost every game the opposition scores from 25 years out into the top corner and it is impossible to defend crosses and corners. Im 14 games in to the season and ive had 2 cleans sheets scoring 29 and conceding 24 its an average of nearly 4 goals a game
  14. i dont have any individual player instructions, but my team instructions are to retain possession, play wider, exploit the flanks, be more expressive and drop deeper. the majority of my goals conceded are from set pieces mainly headers and goals from crosses out wide
  15. Hi, I'm having problems with my tactics i'm currently Sheffield united and after 10 games i'm 20 and cannot seem to manage to keep a clean sheet having scored 10 and conceded 17. I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 wide tactic with 2 full backs, a box to box midfielder and ball winning midfielder 2 wingers and is set to mentality of controlled and style of fluid. Please help as i can't seem to get a tactic that works Cheers
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