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  1. My current squad for Hayes & Yeading currently in the VNS. Back to back promotions.
  2. Also I have to say, c'mon guys. This is a lighthearted thread. Enough of the criticism eh?
  3. Excellent idea! Player Information First name: Ben Last Name:Youngs Nickname (Bunce): DOB: 02/02/1995 (16yo) If only I could be 16 again.... City of Birth: Leicester Nationality: English Second Nationality (American): Height (CM): 170 Weight (KG):80 Ethnicity: White Hair Color: Dark Brown Favourite clubs (optional):Leicester City Disliked clubs: (optional):Nottingham Forest, Derby County Favourite personnel (optional):Sol Bamba, Matt Mills Disliked personnel (optional):Nigel Clough Player data Contracted Club (leave blank to be a free agent): Leicester City Preferred posi
  4. So this is why The Rams are doing so well in the NPower Championship this year...
  5. Fontin Sans http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/fontinsans.html
  6. And finally: 3 things in a row in my inbox that made me chuckle
  7. Then, amazingly enough, I look in my inbox and find this, right after I beat the choirboy's team: What, did the result get decided in the courtroom or something
  8. Here's one that people aged 30 or over living in the UK will understand. "we're walking in the aaiiirrrrrrrr..."
  9. Here's one that's more design related than funny: You'll have to excuse me as I'm a graphic designer but: What in the world of all things abhorrent is Bedlington's team logo? It's a poorly rendering dog with a ball, sure, but what the hell is that industrial looking contraption behind it? Makes me want to vomit I designed the Thurmaston logo btw. Couldn't find their official logo.
  10. You could find out which of the WAV files the drum noise is and then just change the volume of it in a sound editing program. There are plenty of free ones out there.
  11. Just installed. TOP JOB Bennico!! Really adds to the atmosphere. I love the guy who makes the announcements over the P.A. System - He sounds Hungarian
  12. Another one. Don't know whether to laugh, or post it in the bugs forum!
  13. No offense TUG but this schedule completely messed up my season. WAY too many injuries and not enough green arrows to show for it. I'm going back to my old schedules. (I have an individual training program for each player - Each player has so many different needs that this is the only way to do it in my opinion)... Thanks anyway!
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