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  1. My current squad for Hayes & Yeading currently in the VNS. Back to back promotions.
  2. Loving the beta so far, but I can't for the life of me find the option to ask my Assistant Manager to compile a list of loan recommendations? Bear in mind that I haven't played FM since 2013, so the feature may have been long gone and I didn't know. Thanks!
  3. Thanks SI However, I didn't see anything about the large amount of woodwork hits in the changelog (unless I missed it) I was getting about 3-5 every game during 14.1.3 Fired up 14.1.4 aaaannnd:
  4. It's an age-old story: Drawn against the biggest team in the land. Managing the worst team in the land. Worst team in the land loses by a single goal. Manager incredibly proud of the performance. Manager expected to lose, but dagnammit, the worst team in the land went down fighting! So I ask you, what would be a realistic fan reaction to this bravest of brave fights? (Hayes & Yeading 1-2 Manchester United) "The fans are slightly concerned following Crap Team Athletic's defeat against Super Team United". It's been going on for years now. Please, dear god, SI let it stop. Please pleas
  5. Make lots of money by doing well in the cups or simply get promoted. If you get promoted to a division where the majority of teams are full time then the board will simply tell you you're going full time.
  6. There should be an option to remove the use of the IGE from your current save. Case in point: I'm managing in the lower leagues and the only player that's worth a damn in the whole team won't sign a new contract because he wants $50 a week more than the board can afford. I've tried several different options to get him to sign but no luck. So I buy the IGE to 'fix' him a little bit and then all of a sudden it's incredibly tempting to tweak this or that and then you suddenly realise you've ruined your save game by cheating. For those weak willed amongst us it would be nice to include some sor
  7. Disregard my previous post. After a bit of digging around in the bugs forum I found this regarding no press conferences in the lower leagues: Originally Posted by Dagenham_Dave What's happened to pre and post match press conferences? They seem to have vanished, or is this a 'feature' of the new game? They have been significantly reduced in lower leagues after feedback. It helps improve the realism and defines the differences between lower and top level leagues. If you feel there is a particular scenario that you should be getting a press conference but are not, please post a thread here
  8. Don't know if this is an issue or if I have the wrong settings on but I don't seem to be getting any media interviews / press conferences since 14.1.3. I mean none at all. I talked to my assman and made sure I wanted to handle the press and he isn't doing the conferences for me either. Pretty sure I haven't changed any options since the update to the full game and the patches but the interviews have dried up. I'm managing in the Skrill South if that makes a difference... (i.e. if SI suddenly implemented a change in the last patch to cut back on media attention for lower league clubs, which
  9. I've not been getting crazy scorelines/shots on target either. Just a crazy amount of woodwork hits. That, and the defence tracking back but not engaging the opposition (which, now I think about it, might explain the amount of shots on target some people are getting). Has no one else been hitting the woodwork too much? It's an epidemic in my save...
  10. This thread really is bordering on becoming useless for SI to use, but having said that, can I raise a small issue? I've been getting a lot of shots, headers, free kicks etc hitting the woodwork. I mean A LOT. I'm playing lower league and I'm averaging about 4 woodwork incidents per game (not joking - on average about 1-2 post/crossbar hits per team, per game) It's almost as if the F.A. decided on thickening the goalposts by say, oh I don't know 500%. Has anyone else been having this issue? I'll gladly upload my save game to FTP if it helps?
  11. I've been getting low ratings for DCs as well as for full backs. I've also encountered defensive players jogging alongside the opposition without trying to tackle, block or get stuck in... Also been hitting the woodwork A LOT. Other than that though, the game is absolutely terrific so far. All I have to do now is try and avoid buying the in-game editor
  12. Crikey tigerhgrrrrrr, don't suggest to SI to make lower league management any harder than it is! In all seriousness though, recruiting foreign talent is a lot harder in FM14 than it's ever been. Long gone are the days of popping over to Reunion or Curacao and filling your team with the likes of Guichard, Martha and Caro and Roberts. I see what you mean about the unrealisticness of the whole thing but I feel there's a nice balance this year regarding who will join a conference side. This year I'm trying to just bring in players from the UK. It's a lot tougher but I'm having a really satisfy
  13. So I started a game as Hayes & Yeading in the Skrill South and when it came to picking a playing philosophy at the start of the season, I chose 'Attacking Football'. My tactics are a 4-2-2-2, set to attacking mentality. I'm sitting 5th in the league having scored 40 goals in 20 games, 186 total shots with 91 on target. Unfortunately the board aren't happy: "We are disappointed with the way the team has played on the pitch; it would have been vastly more preferred for us to play in a more attacking manner". Here are the definitions of the available philosophies from the FM manual (last y
  14. Also I have to say, c'mon guys. This is a lighthearted thread. Enough of the criticism eh?
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