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  1. Georgi Andonov duplicate: 7502228 and 22000000. I think that these two ID's are duplicated one person (which is now U15 assistant coach in Botev Plovdiv)
  2. Regional Premier Divisions in my case. But I'm not sure if this is the reason, because in all my seasons this cup starts after this date. The screnshot shows quarterfinals, semis and finals are few days later (until 13 June). P.S. FA Trophy final was on 3rd June.
  3. It worked for me, but i'll wait few days more if someone have any other ideas about generating fixtures for this season (i have a save before the day when the new season fixtures generate)
  4. I have a problem in the sixth season (no problems at all before that), but now i'm in October and the new season has not been started yet. It's not only for my league, but all leagues in England (including Premier League). I'm managing AFC Grace (started at Level 19 after the fix with square pitches) Is there a way to fix this and continue this save? Here is a screenshot: P.S. If it's needed, i can attach my save here.
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