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  1. Not sure if this is an intended feature or not, but to me seems a bit odd... If I have say £10k p/w wage budget remaining and am looking for a player to sign with that £10k p/w, I cannot offer more than one person that amount at any given time. When offering a contract to the second player, the board block offering anything as the initial contract offer is counting towards my committed spending and fills my wage budget? Surely I should be able to put a few offers out and only go through with the one I want, otherwise I have to go through the offers one by one until negotiations are c
  2. Is there any way to change what a list is sorted by as default. e.g., On the World Transfers section it is by default sorted by the date. If I choose to sort by the transfer fee and then click into a player to view him, then press back to go back to the list, it resets the sort back to the date. So if I want to look at someone else based on the fee, I have to re-click to sort it by that again and find where I was in the list. I guess it's more an issue of it not remembering what I've sorted by, can anyone help?
  3. Probably really obvious but can't work out how to retrain a players position this year... can anyone advise? Thanks in advance!
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