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  1. Yeah you can download it for free (I used the FM scout website) but you then have to download a program (the name escapes me) that's creates a virtual hard drive on your system that allows you to play it - possibly virtual iso, something like that?

    If you go into FM scout and get the link it gives you full instructions. Took me about 10 minutes with my friends help on a video call

    Not sure if there's other available versions though

  2. Yeah my friend pointed me in their direction for the patches. He said he always used 3.9.68 because of the super Greeks but I was always an ODB kinda guy

    I still remember some of the players from that game too. Cherno Samba of course, Mark Kerr was a must for any midfield (and ideal on a Lisbon lions save) and Ibrahim Said were three particular favourite players of mine

    I also loved finding hidden gems. I remember signing a young Mike Williamson from Torquay before he was of Newcastle Fame and he was a brilliant defender for me!

  3. Maybe I'll give it a go, thanks for that

    I'm currently happy to have 01/02 available though, and I'm sure there's hours of fun to be had with it. Just a shame I can't get old games back on there

    One of my favorite ever games was a 20+ year game on 01/02, started with Boston United, ended up with Newcastle and then England. Cherno Samba was still knocking around at 36 or so aswell at that point. Fun times


  4. I was always a fan of FM07, and 05 too. Apparently though they don't work on modern laptops!? Something to do with windows 10 I believe?

    I've earmarked a Lisbon lions challenge for 01/02 (always a favourite of mine) and one called 'When in Rome' that has been recommended to me that sounded interesting. And, as always, a lower league save. Carlisle were always a favourite team to play with on 01/02 with a young core of Johnny Allan, Mike Jack and John Hore to build around if I remember rightly, but it was tough the first couple of years

  5. Evening to all FMSers. Hope you're all keeping well in these testing times?

    I haven't been around much lately due to a number of issues, mainly having very little time on my hands, a dodgy laptop and some family troubles, but having just received purchase of a new laptop, I thought I'd pop my head in the door

    Interesting little anecdote I thought you'd all find amusing too. So I'm a little bit basic when it comes to computers, and can use them for the most basic of things. Having mentioned this to a friend of mine who works in IT, and in passing mention I had lost my long term FM2020 save (something you'll all realise is heartbreaking), he proceeded to spend 20 minutes on the phone to me explaining how to transfer it from my old laptop, which I luckily still have, to my new one, through Steam

    He also guided me through how to download Championship Manager 01/02 for free onto my laptop as a playable game. As one of my favourite ever version's, this made me indelibly happy

    So while counting myself lucky that I'm still working through the pandemic, I also have both my long term save and CM01/02 to look forward to

    Hopefully I can get back to writing soon but in the meantime, I hope everyone is staying safe


  6. 1 hour ago, git2thachoppa said:

    He's the Ansah to your prayers.

    😁😁😁😁 To be fair to the lad, 124 games and 82 goals. Can't complain with that - still only 21. I had planned to maybe start a new job search but this kid and a rather promising Gibraltar midfield Regen who's 17 have made me stick around!

  7. Just a quick one - I always try and invest in youth in my long term saves, and I think I may have just found my favourite ever newgen/Regen ever. I'm West Ham, and this lad came through my youth intake in the first season..scouts rated him highly so I kept my eye on him. First season he played five cup games and five league games towards the end of the season, scored seven. Then he spent the next two years out on loan - he's now a regular in my side and has just won this seasons player of the year. Reminds me of Jermain Defoe

    Without doubt the best Regen I've ever had on any game, certainly stats wise


  8. Congrats Neil..I'm sure you'll be a credit to the position and you are a valued member of the FMS community

    Best of luck in the new role!

  9. One of my favourite ever manager games was premier manager 98 on the PlayStation. It was fun and easy to play and you used to be able to offer house and car on a contract to get a player. 

    LMA manager 2001 was and always will be the greatest though. It was fantastic and endless summers were spent between mine and my friends houses playing it

    I never played euro league football ( in fact never heard of it) but I hope you have fun playing your retro games

  10. Mendy had trained like a Trojan the next few days, so much so that he started on the left hand side for the visit of Derby. They used thee flanks well, both Mendy and Oriol flying down and whipping crosses in, and it was one of these crosses that led to the opening goal, Edu Oriol slicing a deep cross. However it lifted over the ‘keeper, landing into the far corner of the net. The Spaniard stood with his arms outstretched, laughing to himself, but whether he meant it or not, the score was still 1-0. They managed to hang on to thee lead until the 78th minute, but Jacob Mellis missed a glorious opportunity to double the lead five minutes before that, being the width of a stud away from converting the ball, but he didn’t and they had to settle for a 1-1 draw


    “Oh hi. Natalie? It’s Eddie, Eddie Chambers?”

    “Oh hello. How are you?”

    “I’m fine thankyou. Listen, what we were talking about at the dinner party? Well I was wondering if you were free to discuss it further?”

    “Absolutely. Are you free Monday night?”

    “Monday is perfect. Do you want to go out…”

    “OK, Monday it is. I’ll send my driver to collect you from the ground at 7pm. Dinner at my place?”

    He hadn’t quite expected that, and was unsure how to respond

    “…still there?”

    “Sorry. Yes that’s fine. I’ll be at the ground anyway so I’ll wait until 7”

    “Excellent. I’ll look forward to it”

  11. It had been a surprisingly fun evening, and anything that brought extra money into the club was always a bonus. Maybe, just maybe, things could be achieved here. There was a few days rest due to League Cup action, and he settled down that next evening to watch Chelsea take on Everton.

    Three days later, he visited Nathan Delfouneso in the physio room

    “How you doing Nath?”

    He was working on the treadmill, just at a steady walking pace

    “I’m OK boss. Frustrated to be injured for so long and it’s a slow process getting back fit”

    “Well we don’t want you getting injured again, you just take your time and get back fit and you’ll be back in the side”

    Training followed, and it wasn’t until ten minutes into the session he noticed he was missing a player

    “Where’s Mendy?”

    Noel Blake didn’t turn round from his position

    “No idea. Tried ringing his phone but no answer. Might be late again”

    “Again. What do you mean again?”

    “Did I not tell you? He was late last Friday”

    “Oh was he now? Right I’m going to try him again. If he turns up send the sod to my office”

    Twenty five minutes and three phone calls later, there was still no answer. It was only through sheer luck he saw his midfielder slinking across the training pitch. He opened the window and bellowed out of it

    “Mendy! My office. Now!!”

    He must have walked at a snails pace, as five minutes later he sheepishly shuffled in

    “I’m sorry boss, I oversleep..”

    “Listen to me. If you oversleep, then you need to phone, as a pure courtesy. I believe you were late last week?”

    “Ah. That was, how you say, not fault. I stay up late training…”

    Eddie held his hand out to stop him

    “Formose. Just stop. Consider this a warning. You need to be on time for training in future. Any more instances of lateness and I’ll have to fine you. Got it? Now get downstairs and get an hours training in and we’ll say no more”

    The midfielder seemed to be relieved, jumping out of his cheer muttering thankyous and racing to get his training gear on

  12. He had dusted off his blue suit he had worn for his first meeting with the club and headed to the ground, walking as there was a nice breeze, with his jacket slung over his shoulder. He expected a lot of older club executives and a boring night, but when he opened the door to the conference suite he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The room was aglow with purple and blue disco lights, a DJ standing in the corner and at least 50 people laughing and dancing to the music

    “Eddie! Glad you could make it”

    “What is all this?”

    “Oh just a little idea we had to raise funds for the club. Music, booze and a few speeches later on”

    He looked around the room before staring back at Oyston with a smile on his face

    “Well your surprise me Karl. Not what I was expecting”

    A wink and a smile back

    “Us chairman like to have fun too you know. Anyway, grab a drink and mingle, I’ll come and grab you later on”

    He spent an hour introducing himself to people, discussing football, survival and other aspects, before he was pulled to one side by the chairman

    “Eddie, let me introduce you. This is Howard Langley, he’s the head of our sponsors…”

    He shook hands, although he did look distinctly uninterested

    “This is Leon Grant, he’s my accountant…”


    “…and this is my step sister Natalie. She’s new onto the board this season”

    Eddie hadn’t expected this. In front of him stood an attractive woman in a stunning dress, smiling at him with a perfect set of teeth

    “Eddie. Pleased to meet you. Karl speaks highly of your talents and it’s a pleasure to finally meet you”

    “Erm, yeah. Sorry I’m a little shocked, Karl hasn’t mentioned you before”

    She laughed

    “Why does that not surprise me? Come and have a drink and let’s have a chat”

  13. The conversation and pints had flowed, so a couple of thick heads turned up for training the next morning. Eddie had no problem with his players having a drink, as long as they had 48 clear hours before the game off it, and they knew and accepted that. A trip to Yorkshire was next on the schedule, as Huddersfield provided a stern test. It wasn’t a great game, both sides cancelling each other out. James Vaughan was the standout player for the home side, and it was the former Everton striker who put them ahead, a brilliant strike that he chested down and volleyed instinctively into the top corner, but Eddie was again delighted with his side’s performance, and they got their reward five minutes from time, Orlandi swinging in a corner and Donervon Daniels powering home a header to rescue a point

    “Boss, you got a minute?”

    Chief Scout Joe Charlton had phone him a couple of days later as he was driving into the ground

    “I’m on my way in Joe. What’s up?”

    “Still wanting a striker?”

    “Well as a short term option I’d love one, but there’s not much out there”

    “Steve Morison at Leeds. He isn’t getting a game there and would be available on a three month loan deal”

    “OK. He’s a different option to what we have. Make the offer Joe, see if we can get him in”

    Morison didn’t have the pace, but he was good in the air and had strength, perfect for holding up the ball, so he would provide a decent option for cover until Nathan Delfouneso was fit, and the offer was made to Leeds to bring the striker in


    “Eddie, I’m glad I caught you”

    He had been leaving the office one night just as  Karl Oyston caught up with him

    “Oh Karl. I didn’t realise you were here. Anything wrong?”

    “Not at all. There’s a dinner party tonight that I have to attend, but I’d like if you were there”

    Eddie’s heart sank

    “Ah well, I don’t really…”

    “I know it’s not something you normally would but please? I would like it if you were there and there’s some people I’d like you to meet”

    He sighed. He couldn’t really say no to the chairman

    “OK I’ll come. Where is it?”

    “In the Conference Suite, 8pm. Smart dress though, suit and tie”

    “OK. I’ll see you later”

  14. October 2014

    The next game was another on Sky, a 5.30 kick off on the Saturday, but bad news before the game emerged. Noel Blake had brought the team sheet to Eddie, a slight smirk on his face

    “Team sheet boss. I’ve had to change the ‘keeper though, Elliot Parish will have to play”

    “Why? Joe’s fit isn’t he?”

    “Perfectly. Problem is he’s on loan. From Cardiff”

    “Bollocks. Well, nothing we can do. It is what it is”

    A full house packed into Bloomfield Road for the visit of Cardiff, and while Joe Lewis wasn’t available, young Elliot Parish got the chance to show what he could do, and Eddie was delighted with his impact, as he kept a clean sheet in a 2-0 win. The team were excellent in all areas, but none more so than Edu Oriol. The winger was fantastic, creating everything, and even opening the scoring, meeting his twin brothers cross at the back post and nodding it into the empty net. The Welsh side were poor, no doubting that, but the second goal came before the half time break, Oriol playing a lovely one two with Orlandi, feeding in Steven Davies and he finished it into the roof of the net. Any win is a good win, and this one showed lots of encouragement and plenty of positives

    “Eddie, happy with the performance?”

    He had been grabbed by the tunnel interviewer for the football league programme as they were a featured game

    “Delighted. We were excellent in every area today and fully deserved the points”

    “Must have helped that Cardiff weren’t at the races?”

    “I’d rather focus on how well my team played today. We did all our jobs and made them as poor as they were”

    “Edu Oriol was superb wasn’t he?”

    “It’s what we’ve come to expect from Edu, he’s a fantastic player and an asset to the squad”


    It was nice to get a win under the belt, but he made sure there was no room for complacency and worked the lads hard ready for the next game. As always, they responded well, and he was delighted with the spirit around the squad. The foreign lads had mingled well, laughing and joking around with the English lads as always, and though there were cliques and friendships as always at any club, they did things as a team, a luxury which Eddie permitted to keep the team spirit as high a it could go. He himself was starting to form a friendship with Noel Blake, especially with them working on a day to day basis so closely together, and that night they were in the closest pub to the ground having a pint together

    “So tell me boss, what made you take the job?”

    “How do you mean?”

    Blake raised an eyebrow over his glass as he sipped his pint

    “Well it isn’t a job that was attractive – you know you were the only applicant right?”

    “I know. To be honest, I needed a fresh start, get away from everything”

    “Bad times?”

    “Well, I won’t bore you with the details, but problems with the ex and things just went from there. Loved the job but it was the right time to move away”

    “So no ambitions? No clubs you’d love to manage?”

    “To be honest I don’t. Just want to do well here, see where it goes and then take it from there. I’ve only got a 12 month deal here after all”

  15. The games came thick and fast, and they certainly didn’t get any easier. Norwich were the next visitors to Bloomfield win, and while they weren’t winning, they at least weren’t losing, and as Eddie had aimed for, and certainly hoped, they were becoming hard to beat. This proved to be the case again, and while Ishmael Miller probably wasn’t enjoying his lone striker role, feeding on very few clear cut chances, but credit to the lad, he gave everything he had, held the ball up, worked hard and gave the defenders a hard time. He actually set up the goal too, using his strength to muscle off his defender and flicking the ball through for Steven Davies, who curled it home from just inside the area. The visitors did press forward and get an equaliser, Gary Hooper firing home a rebound from a Joe Lewis save, but once again Eddie watched his side battle hard to grab a point, and while four draws in a row didn’t sound great, four games unbeaten certainly did

    “Worried about the lack of wins boss?”                                                    

    Training on the Monday was sluggish, and Eddie was deep in thought when he was interrupted by the voice of Noel Blake

    “Sorry Noel, miles away. What was that?”

    “Worried that we’re not winning games?”

    “Well I’d be a fool if I wasn’t, but on the other side we aren’t losing. I wanted us to be hard to beat and at the moment we are. Especially given the sides we’ve played lately"

    “I agree. Ish isn’t gonna score us lots of goals but he’s working hard as the lone striker”

    “As a team we aren’t going to be scoring loads, so we need to make sure we’re solid at the other end. Semedo has made a difference”

    “Yeah he’s added stability hasn’t he?”

    The fitness levels were without question, and Eddie was delighted with his lads commitment, but he was a realistic man, and after 14 minutes of the game against Middlesbrough, he feared the worst. Karanka’s side had some talented players in the ranks, and they started like a train, goals from Kike and Emmanuel Ledesma in the opening quarter of an hour virtually sealing the game. It was damage limitation time at this point, which to their credit they managed to do, Lundstram supporting Semedo, and they restricted the hosts to just one more, Mustapha Carayol dinking over Joe Lewis, and the win saw Middlesbrough go top, but more importantly, dropped Eddie and his side down to 20th

    League Position – 20th

  16. The news of the financial peril was kept strictly between Eddie and the chairman, although he did inform Noel on his return, but the arrival of Semedo had buoyed the team, and the spirit was at a season high for the visit of Watford. They were chasing promotion, but watching the game, you wouldn’t have guessed, as a fantastic performance almost brought the home side a surprise three points. Edu Oriol was the creative force, while Semedo slotted into the midfield seamlessly, making his mark within three minutes and crunching Troy Deeney, who isn’t exactly a midget, and he rifled a shot just over the bar too, but despite the half time score of 0-0, the mood was good. It got even better just before the hour mark, as the rain brought sloppy football from the visitors, and Eddie watched a great team goal put his side ahead, nice midfield passing allowing left back Joan Oriol to collect the ball on the corner of the area, and rifle a low shot into the bottom corner. Mind you, it was the rain that played a huge part in three points becoming one, Tyrone slipping while trying to intercept a pass, which allowed Fernando Forestieri in, and he slid the ball to Deeney who lashed it in for a late equaliser. It was harsh on the lads, and they got nothing but praise from Eddie at full time


    “We’ve got eight points from seven games. You work that out over the season and I think that might be enough to keep us up. We only have to finish 21st remember?”

    Blake was filtering through papers on his desk at this point

    “I’m just looking at the last few seasons boss. The team that finished 21st got 44 points last year and two years ago, but 55 the season in between. So I don’t know – 50 could be a safe figure”

    “Alright so we’ll aim for 50. I will say one thing though – We need to start winning home games, and we have to beat the teams at the bottom and around us”

    50 points was the target for points – Eddie and Noel felt this was enough to guarantee safety, but that was a long way off – they had agreed to assess it again at the turn of the year and see what sort of position they were in. That said, they had another promotion contender to deal with, as they made the trip to the coast to play Sami Hyypia’s Brighton. They had been a little inconsistent early on and sat 9th, but they were expected to be there or thereabouts at the end of the season, Mind you, they weren’t overly impressive in this game, at least going forward. They were tough to break down, as Eddie had expected with the former Liverpool defender in charge, but going forward they were poor, Joe Lewis only having one save to make, and even that wasn’t from a proper chance, The game was what could be described as a ‘bore draw’, but sometimes it was better that way, and another draw and another clean sheet had positives to look at

    Having looked at the table, after eight games they sat 18th, a position Eddie would be delighted with in May, but he almost felt a pang of pain for bottom of the table Rotherham, who had lost every game thus far. Things could be worse at Bloomfield Road right?

  17. With a near two week break for international fixtures up next, there was time to rest and get ready, but some good news did brighten things up, as Jose Miguel Cubero finished his suspension two days before the next game. He had been training with the boys so was at a decent fitness level, he just needed match exposure. It would be a welcome addition back into the squad, but Eddie still felt that he needed an engine in the midfield, for the reason that Papa Bouba Diop couldn’t complete a full ninety minutes, and Cubero wasn’t anywhere near match fit, and it was Noel Blake who had alerted him to the availability of Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Jose Semedo. The Portuguese was tough tackling and didn’t shy away from getting his foot in, and he would be a vital cog to add into the team. However, even with Wednesday accepting the offer swiftly, he didn’t hold out much hope of the player agreeing terms, but to his surprise, less than an hour and a half after his loan bid was accepted, the player’s agent was on the phone and on the way to Bloomfield Road to complete the move. Along with Cubero, these were two great additions into the midfield that would add a bit of needed steel


    “Eddie, come in”

    The chairman had requested a meeting with myself and Noel Blake, but Noel was unavailable due to a family emergency, so I attended by myself. A decision I regretted when I saw his face

    “Karl, what’s up? You sounded serious on the phone?”

    “Well we have a problem. Having worked out our expected financial input, we might fail financial fair play”

    “Right. So what does that mean for the team?”

    “Well dependant on severity there are different penalties – we’re allowed to make a loss of no more than three million in the period, and we’ve looked at it, it looks like we might be nearer four”

    “I thought we were looking alright financially? Regardless, what do we need to do?”

    “Well I’ll reiterate, a good FA Cup run might be useful. All TV money will go into the club, and we need to completely gut the youth team and use their wages”

    “Well if that’s what we need to do, then we will. I’ll do my best with the cup run anyway, but there isn’t anyone in the youth team I want to keep especially”

  18. The Capital Cup had drawn up Swansea, in a game he neither wanted nor expected to win, and once again made several changes. The Welsh side played a strong team, but they didn’t have it all their own way, with Oriol, Waddington and Miller all missing good opportunities, and just before half time, Wilfried Bony slid his side in front, latching onto Shelvey’s ball and sliding home beautifully. They used all of their nouse and experience to see the game out, and Bony sealed it nine minutes from time, rifling home after jinking in and out on the edge of the box, but Eddie wasn’t too disappointed to be out, as he could focus his attentions on the Championship

    “We need a result here lads. Winning, and losing, are habits, and we need to get out of this slump. Jacob, you know what to do, control the midfield. Andrea, Edu, use the flanks and whip crosses in for Nathan. Don, Pete, stay solid at the back. Do those things and we have every chance”

    Eddie’s resounding words left the team in no doubt what he expected for the game at Millwall, and boy did they respond, starting like an absolute train. Orlandi struck the bar within forty seconds, and Delfouneso headed a cross wide, but it was Edu Oriol who started the scoring, playing a beautiful one two with his brother on the left before cutting inside and lashing a right footed shot into the top corner. Things were going well, and the lead should have been extended, but just before the break, Delfouneso pulled up right in front of the dugout, having been chasing a clearance down the wing. He was replaced at half time with Ishmael Miller, and the bad news continued as Ed Upson levelled things up, stealing the ball off Donervon Daniels and firing a low shot past Lewis. The more the minutes ticked away, the more animated and nervous he became on the touchline, but twenty minutes from time, things changed for the better, and when Orlandi skipped past two defenders, only to be caught by a trailing leg, Miller stepped up and smashed the penalty home. He sealed it three minutes from the end, when the ‘keeper hesitated about coming for a long ball, Miller nipped in, rounded him and sealed a much needed win

    League Position – 17th


    September 2014


    It was becoming a regular occurrence now to see Eddie slam the phone down, so Noel Blake hadn’t looked up this time, but he knew there was bad news

    “What’s wrong boss?”

    “That was Steve. Nathan has torn his hamstring completely off the bone. Four to five months out”

    This time he did look up, twirling his pen between his fingers

    “That’s not good. Think Ish can step up?”

    “Regardless of whether I do or not, he’s going to have to. Steven Davies might have to get some more playing time in the next few months too”

    It was a huge blow to learn that Delfouneso would be out until January, but there was nothing he could do about it. To add to that, the next month was very difficult, with three of the current top six to play. Not only that, but the transfer window was closing, although he was pleased to learn that he could still loan players in on a limited basis, and he had already set the wheels in motion to look for a striker to cover Delfouneso’s absence

    The morale around the dressing room was fairly good, the win over Millwall having done plenty to help that, so when it came to his team talk before the game against Wolves, he didn’t need to say too much

    “Right lads. We’re second favourites here, so just relax and play your game. Nathan’s absence isn’t ideal but Ish, it’s your time to shine. You all know your jobs, so let’s go out there and compete”

    His words must have had the desired effect because the team were fantastic, holding a rearguard for the 90 minutes that frustrated the table topping visitors. Daniels and Gjokaj were phenomenal in the centre of defence, and John Lundstram was magnificent, putting in a man of the match performance. The only real poor period was the last twenty minutes, when the visitors pressed and pushed forward, but they were thwarted at every turn, and the 0-0 draw was a hell of a result

  19. The flashing lights and hustle and bustle of the Post Match Press Conference did nothing to hide his mood

    “Eddie, disappointed with the performance and result?”

    “Performance no, I thought we played well for majority of the game and created good chances. Result is disappointing yes, but I was more annoyed about the free-kick”

    “Oh so you thought it was a bad decision?”

    “It was soft, to say the least, and he went down a bit easily”

    “Fabulous strike though wasn’t it?”

    “Well I’m not in the business of praising opposition to be honest. My lads will pick themselves up and look forward to the next game”


    He sat that evening with Noel Blake watching the tape of the game

    “Bloody annoying game to lose that”

    “I know. We were good in every area, just not clinical enough. We need a goal poacher, a real fox in the box”

    “I’d love to go out and get one but we can’t just do that. Nathan is going to have to work on his finishing. Pass us a bhaji”

    Passing across the Bhaji’s, Noel Blake offered another observation

    “I was impressed with Andrea though. I think he might be better in the middle so he can have a free role”

    “I was thinking about that actually, but the problem is who do we play on the left? And also, with Jacob and John in the middle it adds more stability”

    The team had been disheartened in the lead up to the next game, which saw the Sky cameras make an appearance for the 12.30 kick off. The build-up had all been about two relegation candidates, but for over an hour of the game, there was only one team who looked like relegation fodder, and it wasn’t the home side. Delfouneso had used his pace well to open the scoring, collecting a Lundstram pass and sliding home past the ‘keeper, but from the 27th minute, Wigan took control. Oriol Riera equalised, the defence allowing him to turn inside the box and fire a low shot, and it was the Spaniard who set up the second, bullying Gjokaj off the ball and sliding in Kvist, who finished exquisitely sending the home side in ahead at the break. They controlled the game after that, Eddie watching his side give the ball away time after time, and they were punished on 73 minutes, Riera heading home at the far post from a James McClean cross. They should have had a fourth actually, Riera missing a relatively simple chance late on, but a third defeat on the spin, aswell as easily the worst performance so far, spelt trouble

  20. With the league providing their most important task for the season, the League Cup game against Notts County was a distraction, so much so that eight changes were made, only Joe Lewis, Jacob Mellis and Edu Oriol keeping their places. It was a slow start, the changes seeming to slow the team down, and the visitors made that count, taking the lead with a nice team move that was ended by Blair Adams. They picked it up second half, and Ishmael Miller levelled it up, and despite falling behind again, to a Hayden Mullins header, Mark Waddington marked his full debut with a rocket from 25 yards to take it to extra time. The extra fitness they had worked on made a difference, and Formose Mendy grabbed the winner in the first half of extra time


    “Let’s not get carried away”

    Noel Blake had waxed lyrical about the six goals in two games, but Eddie knew better

    “Oh come on boss. The boys played well”

    “Agree but we’ve had one league game. Opening day is an unknown and anyone can have a bad day like Forest”

    “You really don’t get carried away do you? I thought it was all a myth”

    “I’m just pragmatic Noel. It’s a 46 game season, let’s judge how we are at Christmas and go from there”

    As expected at this level, there was no time to dwell on results, and the next game proved that, as local rivals Blackburn made the short trip. The biggest problem in this game, aside from conceding two goals, was the poor finishing, Delfouneso missing two good chances, Mellis hitting the bar with a header and Lundstram sliding wide when it was easier to score, but there was something special, Mikele Leigertwood doubling the visitors lead with a peach of a strike, a volley from fully 30 yards that left Joe Lewis with no chance. Delfouneso did pull one back late on to restore parity but it didn’t matter

    If the Blackburn defeat had been frustrating, that was nothing compared to the next game, another home game that welcomed Brentford, and it was a game that they dominated. Wave after wave of orange bombing forward, but they were denied again and again by David Button, including one ridiculously good double save from an Orlandi drive then somehow tipping the rebound over the bar. Eddie feared the worst when a clumsy challenge from Mellis gave the visitors a free-kick in a dangerous position, and his fears were confirmed when Jake Bidwell stepped up and curled the ball into the top corner. His reaction and the flying water bottle earned a reprimand from the fourth official, but he couldn’t help but feel his team had thrown the game away

  21. “Eddie, thanks for joining us for this interview. Settled in well?”

    The Football League Magazine had asked for an interview, and while he himself hadn’t been keen, the board had seemed to relish the opportunity and once again stressed the importance of media work, so reluctantly he agreed

    “Yes very well. The lads have worked their socks off in pre-season, and they all know the task ahead to stay up this season”

    “Well as you are many bookies favourites to go down, how do you rate your chances?”

    “Well I’m not going to be making predictions or saying anything silly Paul. All I’ll say is that we will work hard, give 100% and that is all we can do”

    “Fair enough. Will you be looking to add to the squad?”

    “Well I have been entrusted with a budget and will be keeping within that, but should the right player come up at the right time, then I wouldn’t rule anything out”

    “And who do you see as favourites for promotion?”

    “Well that isn’t for me to say I don’t think, all I’m concentrating and worrying about is my own team and what goes on at Bloomfield Road”

    “So tell me about your playing career and management before Blackpool?”

    “Well I spent 15 years playing in the lower leagues, six with Bury and nine with Preston, before moving to Barry Town to finish my career. I took the Margate job as it was a nice place and a first job, spent five years there keeping them afloat. Flirted with promotion a couple of times, and now here I am”

    As it turned out, it wasn’t too bad, and Eddie managed to come away relatively unscathed, so now his attention was squarely on their opening game in the Championship


    August 2014

    They couldn’t have been handed a much tougher start, as an away trip to Stuart Pearce’s Nottingham Forest was what the fixture computer had spat out. They had fire power in abundance, with the likes of Assombalonga, Fryatt and Blackstock up front, but Eddie couldn’t believe the start of the game. Robert Tesche was robbed of the ball in midfield by Jacob Mellis, who swung the ball wide to Tyrone Mears. Mears swung the ball into the box, and the missed interception allowed Andrea Orlandi to control the ball and slide it home. The home fans were shell shocked to be behind in less than two minutes, but they were doubly shocked three minutes later, Orlandi swinging in a corner and Valentin Gjokaj powering home a header. It was an unbelievable start, and with the home fans starting to get on their teams back, they started making errors. Amazingly, this led to the third goal, as a short pass was stolen by Edu Oriol, who jinked and weaved towards goal, laying the ball off for Nathan Delfouneso to smash into the bottom corner. Nobody had expected this start, and for his side to be 3-0 ahead after 16 minutes of the opening day was incredible, and Eddie watched with amazement as Forest just went out with a whimper, hardly testing Joe Lewis the remainder of the game, and a chorus of boos greeted the final whistle

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