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  1. In game whenever a country that doesn't have a huge amount of football infrastructure is chosen to host big tournaments such as the European Championships, or the World Cup, they build these new stadiums. I have seen this happen to Wales and Scotland in my save, the stadiums are usually named in this format: [place name] community [arena/stadium/park]. I have no problem with this and actually think it is quite realistic, look at Qatar. Except these stadiums are never used at all after the said tournament finishes. They just lie dormant. I think it should be possible for a local team, should they have the demand for a bigger stadium, and the money to buy the stadium, be able to move into these stadiums which are just sitting there not being used.
  2. in my experience it which league is dominant cycles, as you would expect in real life. I am into 2058 in a very long term save of mine and in the last 9 years at least 1 French team has made the final in 8 of those years. note I managed afc Wimbledon from start of game to 2038, hence them becoming a top European club, this was not a natural thing.
  3. Ah I'm an idiot lol. I thought you were the maker of this mod, when instead you were just replying to my general comment. Ignore everything that I had said!
  4. ah yes, the 2015 one I saw was by a user called heroswe, his intro to the edit file and yours are exactly identical, is this something you are aware of?
  5. fair enough I did find your 2015 version, but there is no file, wondering if you could reupload it? thanks in advance
  6. file removed due to inactivity, would really like to play this, any chance you could re upload it? Would be very appreciative.
  7. does this replace club competitions? if not when are the games played.
  8. i realllllllly want to get my hands on this, but I am still on FM15, would it still work? if not then is there any chance it could be made compatible, if that's an very complicated task then don't go out of your way but I would very much appreciate it!
  9. Dont know why image wont show up in the post, but click the link to look at it in new tab and it works, Thanks in advance for any replies.
  10. Got this notification saying i had failed financial fair play yet the fine was £0 Anyone know whats going on?
  11. If this got going i would certainly be interested in it! Sounds like a really nice idea and addition to a vanilla premier league season.
  12. So in general how is the mls on fm16, never tried it on a previous fm due to it seeming a little bit buggy and disjointed, but would really like to have a go at it. What are peoples opinions on it so far?
  13. move clubs look for a new challlenge within game. Thats what i did with my liverpool save, basically started a journeyman in 2030 (y)
  14. go into the editors download forum
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