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  1. I'm emulating Mourinho but with Liverpool. Can't stop losing, concede stupid goals and no matter what positions, players and instructions I use my wingers won't stay wide, they just drift inside and lose the ball. I do feel honoured to be sharing the experience with the Special One, but this is the closest I've come to a rage quit in 15 years of CM/FM.
  2. I played the first 8 games of my first season with Blackburn using my own formation and having made no signings due to the club's financial troubles. I was 3rd, but I had a 5-man midfield and I wasn't scoring many goals. I always prefer 2-striker formations, so I kept my steady tactic as a back-up and used this as my main set-up. At first I had a lot of draws and scraped a couple of wins in games where I tweaked the midfield roles to an AP and a BWM. Those roles fit better with Tom Cairney and Jay Spearing in the middle, but I only did that in games where we didn't create many chances. I ended the season winning the play-offs and the FA Cup, knocking out United along the way. If it hadn't been for a 10-point deduction for going into administration I would have finished second by a distance. I scored the most goals in the division and ended with a +54 goal difference. Jordan Rhodes scored 57 goals as the advanced forward. If it hadn't been for the massive blow to morale when the points were deducted for going into administration I think I would have picked up a couple more results and toppled Norwich for the title. I've changed a fair bit of my squad in the summer window, but I'll report back after my second season.
  3. The AI seems to sign ter Stegen more often than not. Personally, I'd sign Jeronimo Rulli from Estudiantes at the start of the game and groom him under Valdes for a season. I've had him for other clubs in the top division and he is good enough to start immediately.
  4. Levante in the CL first season using this tactic. Put Barcelona out of the Spanish Cup, only lost 8 games all season.
  5. Finances are worrying. First thing I did was try to offload the likes of Etuhu and Best, but good luck getting anyone to pay to take them off your hands. Best was a problem for me in terms of morale too, he wasn't happy with my aims for the season or with being my third choice striker. Edit: When you have to put Spurr in a full-back, is there any way to stop him launching every throw in at the penalty area? I hate long throws and I like to keep the ball and work an opening, but instead he literally throws possession away every time I get a throw in the opposition half.
  6. Don't really rate Chris Taylor so I sold Marcus Olsson and used the fee to bring in Mark Gonzalez on loan from CSKA. Also, I have Rochina in instead of Marshall when he's fit, but he does seem to pick up a lot of injuries. In home games I've been dropping Evans and starting DJ Campbell up front with Rhodes. 2nd in the league in February.
  7. The traditional release date isn't September. They do usually announce the game earlier than this, but it's usually released in October/November.
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