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  1. I have the latest update (4.1.3) which appears to have fixed the problems with right back ratings but my left back's are constantly getting ratings of less than 5.5 no matter what formation, player, style I use and no matter the result. Is there any fix for this because it is beginning to get very tiresome now?
  2. 4 games into the new season my left back has done nothing of note wrong and I have won all 4 but consistently my left back has a rating around 5.0 whilst the rest of my players are 7+. I don't know if this is a known issue or even a bug but has anyone else experienced this? If any more info is required, please let me know.
  3. When I load up FM13, I just get a white screen with grey writing. I looked at preferences and the skin is set as 'FMC' which is incorrect but there are no other skins to choose from (ie the default one), please help me sort this out
  4. I already played on with that game so this would be for a new game. I just want to make sure I can start a game and not have a takeover
  5. Koscielny for me regularly gets 20+ goals a season from corners
  6. Is there any way to stop/prevent board takeover at your club? I've been doing a career with Arsenal and I've been slowly building a really good side with promising players but then in 2014 the board was taken over and the new owners gave me a transfer budget of £135m and expectations to win every torunament. Don't get me wrong, its nice to have investment but it's taken the fun our of the game for me because I've had to go out and buy already proven players and win everything. I would prefer to do it without FMRTE but I would use it if there was no other option. I wouldn't really have a problem using the official FM editor.