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  1. Will provide some shortly - I read a post recent from Rashidi that said a low block is created using close down much more on your defenders to win the ball and create a counter. I assumed that if I create a high block then if thats beaten, my midfielders and defenders sit back until the opposition reach the final third, my defenders will close them down and win the ball back and we launch a counter
  2. Good Afternoon Chaps, After the sad passing of Graham Taylor last week and being a mad Watford fan, I felt it was important to add some of his flavour to a tactic. I am normally one for possession tactics or couter attacking tactics so this style is something new. Having read the fantastic pieces by @Rashidi on his site about counter pressing, I thought it might be interesting to combine counter pressing and route one football. Here is what I have: Control - The reason for Control is becuase I wanted to create a 'forward' passing tactic that was quick and direct Fluid - I wanted to create two units - attacking and defending. As we would be playing longer balls, I felt the need for playmakers high up the pitch was not required. Go Route One: This is the flavour of Graham Taylor - Longer balls up to a Target Man Pass into Space: Alongside the Target Man I have an Advanced Forward and two wingers. I wanted the balls to be played out into the space for them to chase on to and use their pace. Use Tighter Marking: This was to help with the counter pressing - closer to the opposition to knick the ball back. Much Deeper Defensive Line: This is something new I am trying, the advanced players have heavy closing down/tackle harder to do a high block and the deeper defensive line with high closing down/hard tackle on the backline to create a low block. Closing Down Much More: All players bar the two CMs have High Closing, they have much less. As I am fluid, I wanted an attacking striker role as the players will be closer together next to a support role. The two wingers used to create width and cross for the strikers. The full backs cross from deep for the Target Man. I have started the season with a reasonable start but is a little inconsitenet - 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 loses. The goals I have condeded include players being found in space between my midfield and defence but I dont have the pace to play a higher line, hence the low block. I could move the DM (S) to a (D) but he provides runs from deep to attack on the edge of the box. PIs: GK (Long Kick) 4 Defenders all Closing Down More and Hard Tackling DM(S) - Closing Down Less, Get Further Forward DLP(D) - Close Down Less, More Risky Passing Wingers and Strikers All Closing Down Max and Hard Tackle Can anyone assist in any glaring issues?
  3. Of course it can work, but you will need runners in the middle - if the wingers get to the byline, what they going to do? They will either cut back to a CM who is arriving late, or cross to the striker
  4. Having studied the Bayern Munich 5 - 1 Arsenal game meticulously, I think the roles are quite obvious. I would say Lahm was a WB (A) - His starting position was much higher than the defensive line and when he was crossing, it was very much at the byline. Alaba would a IWB - His connection with the young left winger was excellent. Coman stayed wide whilst Alaba undercut him. Alonso rarely dropped between the two defenders, so I don't think he was a half back, so either a DLP (D) or (S). Thiago gave a complete performance. He rarely dribbled far with the ball but dictated the tempo from the half space in front of Alonso and between Coman and Lewandowski. I would say he was an AP (S) Next to him is slightly trickier, at times Muller played in the CM and drove forward, where others it was Costa as a CM (A) or CM (S). I would say they would swap places. Muller, when out wide was a RMD (A). Coman was a Winger (S) - He rarely beat his man, but more importantly cut back onto his right foot. He was always wide which is why he's not an IF (S). This helped the possession between Thiago, Alaba and Coman. Lewandowski was closely people and blocking passing lanes a lot - I would argue he was a DF (S).
  5. I think De Boer is more Luis Enrique (14/15) than Guardiola (08/09) - Theres a bit more directness and willingness to sacrifice possession for chances on goal.
  6. They play with quick wingers. They don't overdo horizontal or backwards passing which suggests a higher mentality than counter or standard. The ST is a deep player like a F9. They pass into space behind opposition back lines The CMs draw pressure before release ball to the wingers The DM doesn't drop between centre backs Defend as a 4-5-1 to block passing lanes
  7. You have 'Control' which has a higher tempo and is wider and you have flexible which means that the mentalities are more spread out. From my guess, they are playing to far apart and can't link up. 1. Try reducing the tempo so that they aren't rushing passes? 2. Try 'play narrower' so that the two wide boys are closer to Lewandowski? Just a couple of thoughts
  8. Could you give some suggestions as to what I can include/improve?
  9. Jambo, Im clearly not showing off. Its clearly here to help. I put lots of hours in to modified based on suggestions. Thanks RTH (the moderator Jambo) I wasn't aware that bumping was wrong. Thanks again, Luke
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