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  1. I've played this game since 2008, always had some problems with my team, but never as much as this game. - I play offensive tactics always. - The best players never play as good as they should. - The left wing never play good (I play with different players and never pass the 6.5 score) - TOO MANY shots on goal - I can't upload a pic, don't know why, but every match I'm shooting like crazy with 60%+ possesion, and I always tie or lose, it's crazy! - My defense in general is bad. - I'm playing with today's update, but nothing changed. Maybe have more troubles, but I can't think of anything else right now. I used to play FM every time, every day, now I just lose it and play maybe once a week for about an hour, because I hate to deserve victory every game and ending up with nothing. PS: Sorry for my raw english, I'm chilean.
  2. I've played with Universidad de Chile since FM 2008 and always played with offensive tactics and it's the first time my defense is so bad... I've got my 4 defenses back with 2 players and all 4 go on the one with the ball leaving the second free to score, I've tried to train the defensive positions for a whole year and this keeps happening, and it's not only on la U, also on Real Madrid, QPR. Anyone having the same problem with their defense?
  3. Hi, I noticed just now, that my FM didn't update to 12.2.2, I own FM12 on Steam and it didn't update automatically since 12.2.0. I've tried all of this to update: - Change the automatic update to non automatic and then again to automatic - I installed the game again - I verified the cache integrity multiple times And still nothing, what else can I do?
  4. I have the same trouble and I just found out! Damn! This is annoying..