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  1. I am having some problems with getting B teams promoted. The correct settings should be set and this was not an issue in previous FM versions Is this a mistake in settings or a bug? Perhaps you can look into it. Thanks Test.fm
  2. Romme90

    FM19 Editor

    I know that. Thanks
  3. Romme90

    FM19 Editor

    Am I the only one having problems with getting reserve/B clubs promoted? It has all the correct settings set but no matter how long you play they will not get promoted. I am not playing in Spain, Germany or anything like that, where it sometimes takes ages. This was not an issue in previous versions. Perhaps SI could look into this? Thanks.
  4. Very complicated league system in Brazil. However I fully understand it now Thanks for that and your great work as well
  5. All right. Thats all I need to know. It makes sense now. I will play in Rio. And that championship already have at least 4-5 clubs in the 1 to 4 division I believe. I guess "the overall table" option is the one to look on then in this case?
  6. Hey Claassen Please check your inbox. Thanks
  7. I understand the league structure, but I dont understand what position a club must achieve to get promoted to Serie D, or what stage a club minimum must reach to achieve promotion to Serie D if thats the case? Thsnks
  8. Great job But can you tell how the promotions from the state championships to the 4. divisions works and relegation from the 4, division to LL works? Thanks
  9. Good to see that you are back Claassen, We need people like you!
  10. I find it easy to qualify to the Champions League Group stage with Copenhagen and I also find it quite easy to qualify to the last 16 in the Champions League. If I am lucky I can go to the quarter finals but that is normally the absolutely maxiumum for me if I got a good draw. So I have decided to take all the CHL money which is around 27 million Euro guranteed for a Danish Club just to reach the Group stage and then go for winning the Europa League which I have succes with. I do this best with winning my home games or at least two of them and then play a full B team in the away games and lose them. Sometimes its a puzzle that has to fit though since I am winning with my B team anyway
  11. Denmark U21 is supposed to play all their qualification matches on Nordjyske Arena and not Farum Park. I have discussed this with Søren and he told me that it is already set as it is supposed to be set, therefor I was asked to make a new thread here since it might be a bug. I hope that this is something that you can fix. Thanks in advance.
  12. Romme90

    Fixture rules international tournements

    I have made a request, lets see what happens : )