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  1. You do not have to wait, do a google search for Larissa Riquelme and you have her
  2. Where can i buy FM 2010 in the USA?

    I have ordered in the past from Gogamer, they have FM 2010 as a import as mentioned already. Here is the link I went with Steam last year with no problems. May buy from Steam this year, just a little worried with some of the comments about Steam and FM.
  3. This is a little old from over a year ago, but the reason why football is called soccer in the US. You can blame it all on the US universities. Hot For Words video
  4. FM10 System Requirements

    I found this out later, but running the game in window mode made the 3d choppy on unplayable on my laptop, but if I made it full screen mode, it was smooth and much more fun to play.
  5. The only guess I would have is that you are going on holiday for a good amount of the season.
  6. Not sure actually, but a lot. Most of the big leagues in Europe, Asia, and all the ones in the Americas. I am surprised, my game zips right along, very fast. I surf the net while it is processing some parts, but usually finished in one or two minutes.
  7. Do you ever get scared.....?

    It has happened to me in the past. I will stop playing for a while because I was scared I would lose a match.
  8. If you buy two copies and send them to me, I will gladly send one to you:D I will even pay for shipping it to you.
  9. Double Typing FM09 Demo

    I noticed this when I was in full screen, but when I went to windowed mode it works normal now.
  10. Aghhh. First attempt the file was incomplete, have to restart the download:(
  11. I was downloading it over bit-torrent, but it was around 100kb/s. Switched over to downloading it straight from GameShadow, now it is around 500kb/s. Should be finished 30 minutes to 1 hour. May go take a shower while it is downloading.
  12. That is pretty good. I have used Gogamer in the past for FM. They have a lot of imports that is why they have Football Manager. They used to be rather expensive around $45 then shipping put it well over $50. $27.50 is a good price. May have to buy it from Gogamer this year if I don't download it.
  13. Probably start with a big team and play around with the new features and things. I usually do this in the demo just for fun do some crazy things. When I get the actually game start with a small league and see how I do.
  14. getting ready with new pc

    I am hoping my laptop and desktop can run the game. I guess I can always just switch back to the 2D if I have any problems with the 3D graphics, but I hope I don't. I guess the rest would be just waiting for processing.