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  1. You do not have to wait, do a google search for Larissa Riquelme and you have her
  2. I have ordered in the past from Gogamer, they have FM 2010 as a import as mentioned already. Here is the link I went with Steam last year with no problems. May buy from Steam this year, just a little worried with some of the comments about Steam and FM.
  3. This is a little old from over a year ago, but the reason why football is called soccer in the US. You can blame it all on the US universities. Hot For Words video
  4. I found this out later, but running the game in window mode made the 3d choppy on unplayable on my laptop, but if I made it full screen mode, it was smooth and much more fun to play.
  5. The only guess I would have is that you are going on holiday for a good amount of the season.
  6. Not sure actually, but a lot. Most of the big leagues in Europe, Asia, and all the ones in the Americas. I am surprised, my game zips right along, very fast. I surf the net while it is processing some parts, but usually finished in one or two minutes.
  7. It has happened to me in the past. I will stop playing for a while because I was scared I would lose a match.
  8. If you buy two copies and send them to me, I will gladly send one to you:D I will even pay for shipping it to you.
  9. I noticed this when I was in full screen, but when I went to windowed mode it works normal now.
  10. Aghhh. First attempt the file was incomplete, have to restart the download:(
  11. I was downloading it over bit-torrent, but it was around 100kb/s. Switched over to downloading it straight from GameShadow, now it is around 500kb/s. Should be finished 30 minutes to 1 hour. May go take a shower while it is downloading.
  12. That is pretty good. I have used Gogamer in the past for FM. They have a lot of imports that is why they have Football Manager. They used to be rather expensive around $45 then shipping put it well over $50. $27.50 is a good price. May have to buy it from Gogamer this year if I don't download it.
  13. Probably start with a big team and play around with the new features and things. I usually do this in the demo just for fun do some crazy things. When I get the actually game start with a small league and see how I do.
  14. I am hoping my laptop and desktop can run the game. I guess I can always just switch back to the 2D if I have any problems with the 3D graphics, but I hope I don't. I guess the rest would be just waiting for processing.