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  1. I have a question, if you don't use the retain players file, then do all the teams which go up only have youth players (regens) and you then have to buy the whole squad from scratch?
  2. 2013/2014 - Newcastle United GK - Joe Hart RB - Facundo Roncaglia CB - Steven Taylor CB - Roderick Miranda LB - Jose Enrique DM - Keith Torres (Regen) RM - Jonas CM - Radja Nainggolan LM - Jamie O'Hara AM - Damien Le Tallec ST - Levan Mchedlidze Hopefully this team will get me into Europe next season. I finished 9th and got to the semi finals of the League Cup in the previous season.
  3. Well its up to you, but I assuming that you are managing a club as well as a country then I would go for Argentina (or France/Holland as alternatives) because managing a country with potential but needs time is hard work with a club. Hope that helps.
  4. The top player could be an effective target man Jedzo, would be a very good buy for me.
  5. Yeh - but when the regens came through it said that he could be the best of his generation. I think he could be a player like Walcott - with his high pace already.
  6. What do you think of this guy? - Came through the academy just now, the top coaches reckon he can become a leading star in the premier league.
  7. A minor yet helpful addition would be to include nations that are exempt from quota rules. In a thread recently, I found out that many african nations were actually exempt from Non-EU player rulings in Spain. As this is obviously coded in FM, a list of countries that do no feature under the ruling would prevent the user having to ask on the form for countries which do not count as Non-EU countries/reasearch themselves.
  8. I would like testimonials to be implemented - If a player has been at your club for 10 years (as a rule of thumb) you can make a board request to organise a testimonial for player x. The board would then give you a list of teams that your team featuring the testimonial player can play against. I know IRL testimonial matches contain a whole mix of players from all different clubs - obviously this would be very good to have on FM, but it might be hard to code. But anyway I would really like this to be in the game. Also, as suggested recently week-by-week odds for promotion, title winners, relegation and cup winners would be great addition - This could then be linked much better to the media prediction finish, press conferences and confidence. I think that this feature would improve the FM interaction vastly.
  9. I think that when you go to arrange a friendly, a shortlist of teams should appear who would be willing to play on that day. Arranging friendlies is a little too difficult then it should IMO and this would be a welcome addition which would prevent wasted time. BTW this was phnompenhandy's idea first.
  10. I dont want the link for downloading it - I dont want to use it - I just want to know what it was so i can avoid it
  11. Right - So a run from a central defender just forward (i.e. to the attacking midfielder spot) wouldnt be 'cheating' then? EDIT: I have just checked the Training and Tactics forum and the oldest posts there are from this year - No hope for ones around four years ago.
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