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  1. Trying to break into the top 4 with Everton by the end of season 2. After that, keeping them in the top 4 and generating lots of cash to buy players and upgrade the facilities. Hopefully by that point some rich benefactor will finally purchase ownership of the club from Bill Kenwright.
  2. Interesting thread. Does the Determination attribute have any bearing on a player's development (i.e. on that player's ability to reach their Potential Ability rating), or are the hidden attributes like professionalism and ambition the main determinants of the Current and Potential abilities system? In future editions of FM perhaps the inclusion of sports psychologists would be helpful in order to make previously hidden data available to managers, which would in turn aid them in making transfer and squad management decisions. If you're managing a large club that employs psychologists, for example, perhaps it'd be possible for them to add their thoughts on the player's personality and suitability to the club and the culture and location it's based in via a scouts report, among other things. That way a manager could get an informed opinion on the player's previously hidden data such as adaptability and how they cope under pressure. A similar approach could be taken re. injury proneness. Again, I don't see why a club doctor couldn't add his comments to a scout report and inform the manager of the player's past injury record or, for instance, an individual player's susceptibility to, say, hamstring injuries.
  3. I recall you (wwfan) stating that a manager's tactical instructions have to be logical and not consist of contradictory player or team instructions, so is there currently a simple way for a player to find out if he's issuing such instructions or creating confused tactics? For instance, would it be possible to implement a kind of feedback system that allows for your assistant or other coaches to inform you of possible flaws or mistakes in the tactics you've created? The accuracy of their analysis re. your chosen tactics, slider positions and player/team instructions would be contingent on their own abilities and personality attributes. Because although I'm sure you're guide here will be appreciated by those who take the time to read it in its entirety there will be people who play the game but don't visit this site or have the ability to read English, and therefore the implementation of an enlightening feedback system within the game itself could aid in their in-game success and lessen the number of comments concerning the difficulties some people encounter in creating their own tactics.
  4. Is there a known bug concerning subscriptions and the news filter? I have, say, four shortlists and when I enter the subscriptions page the choices I've made for each of the shortlists resets itself every time I continue on in the game. And one of the shortlists has over 750 players on it, so the number of injury updates I see on my news feed averages out at about 15 per continue. I know I can go to the filter and deselect injuries but I don't understand why the game keeps resetting my subscription settings. Also, if I select all four of my shortlists on the subs page will editing the options apply to all of the shortlists selected? It doesn't seem to.
  5. The Hand of God That's a great post and I like the idea you've came up with. In the past I've found it frustrating that the ME penalises players who have the attributes to play in a given position (e.g. AML) but who are stuck with a single position (e.g. ST) until you train them and the game then assigns them a new position title, at which point the penalty against them will decrease or vanish completely depending on the value out of twenty that they've been able to achieve following the training program you set for them. I hope SI see your post, THoG, and take your concept into account for future versions of the game. In general... If a player currently has a high flexibility value and you decide to play him in a position he has the skills for but not the position title, does that decrease the penalty applied against him by the ME? Or does it decrease the length of time it takes him to learn to play in a new position through training?
  6. I have a good PC (GTX 670, i5 2500k @ 4.8Ghz, 8GB RAM, Samsung SSD, etc), but I've noticed that the game becomes sluggish as an individual match progresses, i.e. I begin to see a drop in fps and some general stuttering as I get closer to the final whistle. Also, I really hope we can eventually click on an old score/game in the fixtures list and see data without the need for the generation of a full match report. Why was the change implemented for this version of FM? What was the reasoning behind calling up a full match report in place of having rapid access to data that was easily accessed in previous versions of FM? I agree with the poster above regarding his or her comment about the amount of clutter in the UI. It really is overwhelming and causes sensory overload. There's just too much data on screen at any given moment for a non-savant to cope well with. What's worse is that, despite the overabundance of information, the UI isn't intuitive and easy to navigate with.
  7. Thanks for this. Just ordered it there for £19.50. Hopefully it'll be a straightforward download on the great day! How does this work? Do GMG email you a key so you can download and unlock the game on Steam?
  8. Good point, postal postie. I recently bought a Korean 1440p monitor (2560x1440) and playing FM at that resolution wasn't possible. Everything was just far too distant and small. I eventually settled on some resolution below 1920x1080 in order to find a point where the text and graphics were reasonably legible. Is it difficult to code for differences in font size?
  9. Re. FMRTE and the talk above about it being disallowed - if managerial statistics are going to be collected and displayed on some kind of leaderboard via Steam doesn't that exclude the use of real-time or save game editors as utilities that players will be allowed to use for their own reasons as they have the potential to ruin the credibility of the data Steam collects on players' managerial progress during their in-game careers. Is there the possibility that anybody using a tool like that will have their Steam account banned for using a 3rd party utility that breaks a key part of the game and a new gameplay mechanic that will be used to sell the game, i.e. leaderboard statistics.
  10. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Thank you Ruci. Every year you've delivered so quickly. It's amazing consideration for the FM community. I need to make a donation. Thank you.
  11. In FM11 Quique Flores has been the toughest opponent I've encountered so far. He took over the Spurs job in my third season as Man Utd manager, and since then I've found it very difficult to beat him. He's the only AI manager to beat me at home in the last two seasons. He came second in his first season and fourth in his second. Before that he won the Euro Cup twice with Atletico Madrid and finished one point behind Barcelona in the game's first season. I decided to run an experiment in another game of FM. I used FMRTE to copy his managerial attributes and preferred formations to see if I could duplicate his success with a manager of a different name. I used Mick McCarthy and Wolves and over time they have become one of the best teams in the EPL. They are very difficult to beat using the Tic-Tac Magick tactics from these forums. The experiment is ongoing. The formation used by Flores and the Mick McCarthy clone was 4231, with two central midfielders, an AMC, two wingers and a single striker. Curiously, Flores' preferred tactic, according to FMRTE, is 442, with 4231 Denmark being his preferred backup formation, 442 as his defensive formation, and 433 as his attacking choice. Here is how the game describes him: Passing style - Mixed Coaching style - General Playing style - Direct Playing mentality - Cautious Marking style - Man In general what are the most effective AI tactics and strategies against other AI managers and/or against yourself? I'm looking to run more experiments on the ME using FMRTE by trying out different approaches with managers in the EPL and Championship. I've messed around with Paul Lambert a bit by making him an attacking manager who relies on flamboyant playmakers, likes to get his wingers wide, presses the opposition an allows free roles, and so far he is battering the opposition in the Championship. His attacking attribute in FMRTE is 14 and his depth is 12.
  12. I don't know if the suggestion to increase download speeds works, Neil, because I let it run for the first 10% using the London server (I'm in Glasgow) and I was getting 500 kb per second. I then changed it to the Manchester server and it dropped to 250 kb per second, and now that I've changed back to the London server it is refusing to return to the 500 kb per second I was initially getting. Confusing. Still, it's only going to take an hour or so. I'll crack on with my FM11 game in the meantime.
  13. Total Football: Tic-Tac Magick

    So, how is your modified tactic working out for you Sweez? I'm currently trying out your suggestions as I want to see if I can get better performances out of my two central midfielders. Yes, they retain possession very well but I want to see them being more positive especially the right-sided central midfielder (e.g. Iniesta for Barca). I'm using Barkermush's tweaked tactics, and I've modified them using your suggestions. Although the individual setting for the MCR haven't changed he does seem to be getting forward more, and he seems like a bigger goal-scoring threat than before. Similarly, my wingers seem more lethal in front of goal. In fact, Eden Hazard just had the best game of his career for me. Scored an outstanding hattrick (all the goals were spectacular), got two assists and received a 9.8. Also won my toughest game of the season so far against Chelsea, winning 3-2 away from home. Again, the AMR scored and was MotM. Will see how these modifications go over the rest of the season.
  14. Total Football: Tic-Tac Magick

    Thanks for the quick reply, Barkermush, and thanks to Realmadrid_2007 for creating them. I've messed around with the tempo and time-wasting sliders and it went well, although I think I passed the ball about better and kept more possession when I just left them as you intended them to be.
  15. Total Football: Tic-Tac Magick

    Barkermush Thanks for uploading your tweaked version of the original tactics. Just to confirm that the tactics you linked us to in post 741 are the latest ones that you have been using yourself and that of the 3 central midfielders the left-sided one is the playmaker (Xavi role), the middle MC (Busquets) and the right-sided central midfielder is (Iniesta). ETA - Do you change the time wasting and tempo sliders during a match as was recommended by the OP? Would this tip work with your tweaked version of the OP's tactics? OP mentioned this in post #306 Time Wasting - 0 clicks: Desperate for a goal; drawing or losing at the end of the match. 75 mins 3 clicks: When I'm looking for a goal before half time when it's 0-0, or we are drawing. (30/35 mins) 6 clicks: My standard setting (15 mins onwards, or 60 mins onwards for 2nd half) 9 clciks: Used for the first 15 mins of each half when I want to control possession yet still offer a goal scoring threat 13/16 clicks: Used towards the end of the game when I'm winning and just want to control the ball to prevent tiredness. Tempo: 3 clicks: My standard Tempo setting 9 clicks: Break down the opposition if they are camped on the edge of their area (Usually with a 6 Time Wasting) 14 clicks: When the opposition are pressing me heavily 17 clicks: Under intense opposition pressure (very rarely do I use this) Thanks