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  1. Here is what I do, if the incoming bid is negotiable: From add clause, select "exchange player" and then choose their most expensive player for exchange and set this clause non-negotiable (this is cruical). Then decrease the transfer fee accordingly so that your player will not be able to blame you for overpricing him. After this just press suggest button and they will immediately withdraw the bid. When you do that players do not get unhappy because the transfer is blocked. They only get unhappy if they are top target of that club but things turn to normal after the transfer window closes. If the incoming bid is non-negotiable reject it. If player gets unhappy just say him you are not going to sell him. Keep him playing and after the transfer window closes, if he is regularly playing they usually turn back to normal. During this period if they request transfer, grant it but put a high asking price and reject incoming bids. Try to keep him till the transfer window closes.
  2. If you play Ronaldo on the wings there will not be a relationship between him and Bruno. The game links wingers to wing backs/fullbacks only. The only way is, like said, playing Ronaldo in a striker position and Bruno as an AMC.
  3. Thanks for all the replies Actually we were in a good position financially, at the bottom of wage budget/turnover list, so I don't think that was the case. I am in charge of Tottenham and probably that's why. At the end of the season Daniel Levy sold the club and new chairman gave me 270M to spend. So I can say that I got my money back. But next season I will not risk it and spend most of it before April.
  4. Hi, I had 183M transfer budget due to player sales, in the first week of April board announced the new budget and my transfer budget dropped to 68M. This is the second time it is happening, I thought it was a one time thing but now I know : it isn't. As far as I know in previous FMs the transfer budget was being transferred to the next season. Anybody knows about it? This is the first time I am experiencing this in FM series.
  5. I second this idea. Also when we are on holiday, some specific issues should wait for us to respond such as a player asking for a contract or a board suggestion requires a response from us. I usually go on holiday between matches and when I return I find out that a player asked for a contract which is automatically declined and the player got unrest. Someone should tell him that I am on holiday and he'd better wait me to respond instead of getting furious. At least there should be an option for such cases which requires interruption.
  6. When an assignment ends, we get a message from the chief scout that the assignment ended and they usually list top 4 players found through assignment. For the rest of the list you have to dig in. I think it would be nice if there would be a direct link to the whole assignment report. It is especially difficult to compile the whole list when there are more than one scout contributed to an assignment such as a short term focus.
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