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  1. I am sorry but I'll insist. I am adding the PKM. Min 84:07: This is one of the most stupid thing I've seen and it usually happens in cup games. I can't think of a professional football team leaving a man free like that. It is so obvious, absolute cheat. Zebre v Tottenham.pkm
  2. Hi Vik, I assure you that's not the case. Since he was on my shortlist I knew that he had been transfer listed before the scout report. I already knew the asking price and that's why the scout report took my attention. This is the latest situation, his agent still thinks that Liverpool will ask for 78M although the asking price is 40M. And my latest scout report says estimated cost is 83M. According to his transfer status, Phil Foden is listed on 17/9/2028.
  3. Here is what I do, if the incoming bid is negotiable: From add clause, select "exchange player" and then choose their most expensive player for exchange and set this clause non-negotiable (this is cruical). Then decrease the transfer fee accordingly so that your player will not be able to blame you for overpricing him. After this just press suggest button and they will immediately withdraw the bid. When you do that players do not get unhappy because the transfer is blocked. They only get unhappy if they are top target of that club but things turn to normal after the transfer window close
  4. Well that's a different case but still both scouts and player agent are definitely missing vital information. Here, Phil Foden is transfer listed and his asking price is 56M. However my scout estimates the cost as 109M and his agent says 118M will be enough for the transfer.
  5. As you can see, the player has an active release clause as his club relegated from Premier Division. But when I scout him or ask his agent about transfer availability neither of them informs me about the release clause. Let's say the scout thinks that the player doesn't worth that much so he's not notifying us but the agent should definitely mention this . I've made a search in my game and filtered players who have an active release clause fee. When I ask their agents about transfer availability none of them mentions the clause.
  6. @Francis Mooney If anybody cares- which i don't think- i've uploaded a game "Tottenham5 - Copy.fm" Simply go to squad, check Parrot's happiness. You'll see he has an opinion of me. Then start a conversation with him and still he has the same opinion about me. So how come this is a bug? Here it is: Just reload the game, go to inbox, check the message at 16.34 and click on the Praise Parrot's performance button. Now you'll see that he has no opinion of me. Go to squad and check his happiness. Now you'll see that he has no opinion of me. It is a bit like Schrödinger's ca
  7. I happen to see this free kick setup a lot recently. Once I've conceded a goal, a couple of them ended with a block from my defence - like the one in this game. It is totally unfair and not realistic at all. The player is totally free and there is no way to stop him getting the ball. Then he shoots and if you are lucky the ball bounces back. In this game I am playing with 10 men but this is irrelevant. I had matches where I've encountered this set piece when 11 men on field. I am attaching the PKM, min is: 76:35 Newcastle v Tottenham.pkm
  8. If you play Ronaldo on the wings there will not be a relationship between him and Bruno. The game links wingers to wing backs/fullbacks only. The only way is, like said, playing Ronaldo in a striker position and Bruno as an AMC.
  9. I've added Playing Time Happiness column in my tactics screen and info presented in Tactics screen is contradicting with the information on Squad screen. While there's only one "concerned" player in Squad screen, several players seem "concerned" in Tactics screen when Playing Time Happiness column is added. I think the default column in Squad screen is wrong because under Dynamics/Happiness the data seems coherent with the one in Tactics screen.
  10. Thanks for all the replies Actually we were in a good position financially, at the bottom of wage budget/turnover list, so I don't think that was the case. I am in charge of Tottenham and probably that's why. At the end of the season Daniel Levy sold the club and new chairman gave me 270M to spend. So I can say that I got my money back. But next season I will not risk it and spend most of it before April.
  11. Hi, I had 183M transfer budget due to player sales, in the first week of April board announced the new budget and my transfer budget dropped to 68M. This is the second time it is happening, I thought it was a one time thing but now I know : it isn't. As far as I know in previous FMs the transfer budget was being transferred to the next season. Anybody knows about it? This is the first time I am experiencing this in FM series.
  12. Hi, Like I said in the title, my wingers are shooting from impossible angels while the strikers are all available inside box. I've added PKM's. 1) Game: Tottenham vs Norvich Min 47:16 As you can see, the striker is free and onside but Lucas Moura takes a shot from that angle instead of passing. If this was in FM18, he'd definitely pass the ball. 2) Same game, min 34:24 As you can see 3 of my players are unmarked and the winger has a very tight angle. Instead of sending a hard low pass or a cross Lemar took a shot from that angle. 3) The same game, min
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