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  1. Anyone still playing this? Have just restarted this time with a pro reputation Started in Jan-09, waiting for some top division clubs to become avaliable
  2. seanefc

    Number of Leagues

    Sadly, I'm on vista, which ive heard is slower! Your right though, more RAM is probably a good idea, I'll get some as soon as i can. How about the processor? Do you reckon thats up to the job? Dont think i can afford to upgrade that part!!
  3. Just about to start my first attempt at FM2009, however i want to have a career game... So my question is, roughly how many leagues can i run so that the game doesn't run terribly slowly, say 10 years, down the line? My computer is 2.2Ghz with 1GB RAM I would normaly run... all English Leagues (6 Leagues) Italy & Spain top two divisions (4 Leagues) Brazil top division Argentina top division Germany top division Russia top division plus maybe one or two other European top divisions so that would be approx 16 leagues.... is that realistic given my specs? or should i try to tone it down a bit? I will most likely run a Large database, but my understanding is that database size would only affect saving and loading time. Any help from anyone would be great, especially if anyone has experience with a similar spec system! P.S. i often ran around 18-20 leagues on FM08 from all over the world without speed issues! the last thing i want is to get 3 or 4 years in to a career and find the game is too slow to play! Thanks
  4. Ive just started a game on FM07 after reading this thread. For me it just had the exact balance between difficulty and enjoyment... My main problem with FM08 was that i just could not find a consistantly good tactic to use... I never found a way to get 4-4-2 to work against good teams, so ended up playing 4-1-4-1 alot... this was find for keeping clean sheets, it was fine for creating chances, but as for putting the ball in the net? well that was a different story. FM07 didnt have these issues. i found that in FM08 it was a very common occurance for my Everton team to batter a much weaker opponent for 90mins, and end up with a 0-0 draw. Also, another area where FM07 beats FM08 is the transfer market... there seemed to be an invisible wall on FM08, where you would get to a point when the only players who would improve your team, were just not interested at any price. far to black and white for my liking. 07 also created a game world, which for me atleast, was really engrosing. i got really in to the game, and managed much longer carreers that any other recent FM. As to why this is, i cant really put my finger on it, but it probably comes down to not needing to 'tinker' so much with the tactics side of things
  5. cant belive i didnt see this one before i started my own thread! anyway, i will start this up today. think i will start with a sunday league rep, just to give the game a bit more of a career feel
  6. seanefc

    The FM09 Career Thread

    Right, just got back from the shop with FM2009, installed and now updated to 9.2 First attempt is going to be a career game, starting unemployed in December 2008, running leagues from each continent. My aim is to win all 5 "Champions Leagues" at some point. What has been peoples experience with starting reputations? I am hoping to start in either the Korean N-League (2nd division) or the Chinese First Division (also the lowest league in that country). Will i be able to get a job with the lowest rep? I really want to avoid starting in europe or south america if atall possible
  7. Holidaying now, offered several jobs, all in Italy, except one from Portugal. going to wait untill the end of the season to decide though
  8. Ah, well that puts a stop to anyone on FM09 running the Italian Serie C then! Luckly im still playing 08
  9. ok, a new challenge for FM09, but to make one thing clear this IS open to FM08 players aswell Similar to my '12 Leagues Challenge' further down the page, but a little shorter, and hopefully a bit more realistic (i.e. starting with a sunday league rep, as opposed to international). AIM: To win the top divisions of the following leagues, together with the European Champions League at some point. Leagues to Win: England France Germany Holland Italy Portugal Russia Spain The Rules: You may run any league configuration that you choose, bare in mind that it is advisable to run some leagues to their lowest level, in order to ensure that you will be able to get a job while you have no reputation. Any additional nations may be loaded Attribute masking must be ON Database size can be any (i assume most will use large) Game start date can be any (note: starting in Russia February 08/09, leaves all the other leagues in mid season, and as such, managers may get sacked quickly, and so more jobs come avaliable) You must start UNEMPLOYED with SUNDAY LEAGUE previous reputation (hence the need to run some lower leagues, as mentioned above) You must build up your reputation and move clubs accordingly in order to win all 8 Leagues and the Champions League. Example Setup For example, I will be setting up as follows... England - League 2 France - Top Division Only Germany - Second Division Holland - Top Division Only Italy - Serie C2 Portugal - Second Division Russia - Top Division Only Spain - LIGA BBVA Will start in Russia Feb08, should give me a good chance of picking up a job in either Italy or Portugal early on, and then enough 'second divisions' to choose where to give some choice where to go in the future. Italy seems the most likely place to start, IMO the standard of Serie C2 seems higher then BSN/S and BSP, and you can get a job as a sunday league footballer. Good luck everyone!
  10. I think the reason that the flag is in the game is purely for the competition historys For instance, the European Championship, which was won by USSR in 1960 I think the Yugosalavia flag is still in the game for this reason too.... Also, (going off FM2008 here) there are also a Great Britain and East German flags in the game, due to past success in some olympic games
  11. anyone still playing this? ive given up on my idea of starting a career in the lower leagues. starting the game up now, planning to start professional reputation and get a decent midtable job... starting at Shakhtar in my last attempt was almost too easy to be enjoyable, so hoping for a team just below that have loaded Argentina and Brazil leagues aswell, just encase i fancy a change at some point
  12. seanefc

    The FM08 Career Thread

    After taking Benevento to the playoff final, and getting sacked after losing in extra time, i decided just to start again with the same settings Started a new game unemployed with a semi-pro reputation. Leagues Loaded: Czech Republic: First Division England: League 2 upwards Germany: Division 3 upwards Hungary: Division 1 Italy: Serie C2 upwards Portugal: Bwin League Russia: Premier League Spain: Liga BBVA upwards Argentina: Premier Division Brazil: First Division Want to start in Italy again i think, but this time not with a club who will sack me after 7 games in charge
  13. seanefc

    FM2008 Attribute Colour

    right ok, i worked it out for myself had to use resource archiver and create a copy of the default skin, then edit the 'fm colours' file this thread was very helpful http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=36236 i do think its a bit of a shame that something that was so easy to change in FM07 is now much more tricky (for people like me with no real idea about skinning) in FM08.
  14. seanefc

    FM2008 Attribute Colour

    Right, im sure i will get the old 'use the search function' preaching off some people but heres the deal... After literally endless searching on this forum, and others... i cannot find a way to change the attribute colours (i.e. passing, tacking etc) in FM2008 I am using the DEFAULT skin, on patch 8.0.2.... I have read the instructions posted alot on here, (i.e changing the values in settings.fmf) This is the area of the settings file i have been changing... is this the correct section of the file to amend for a start? <!-- profile attribute colours --> <colour name="low attribute" red="40" green="40" blue="40" alpha="140"/> <colour name="normal attribute" red="40" green="40" blue="40" alpha="200"/> <colour name="good attribute" red="40" green="40" blue="120" /> <colour name="excellent attribute" red="0" green="0" blue="255" /> <colour name="special attribute" red="0" green="100" blue="0" /> <colour name="attribute label" red="40" green="40" blue="40" /> <colour name="special attribute label" red="40" green="40" blue="40" /> <colour name="profile extra text" red="40" green="40" blue="200" /> When i try this, for instance when i change the 'excelent attribute' line to 255,0,0 (i assume changing all 'excellent' stats to red), i lose all colour in the text on the left hand side of the page (i.e. where i normaly see my team name, reserve team, finances etc) i have no text atall. (sorry if that isnt a very good explaination, its hard to put in to words). When i ammend the settings file to its original values everything goes back to normal. I have reload skin ticked in preferences, and skin cache unticked Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong? or is this just not possible to do with the Default skin? I successfully changed the colours on FM2007 using this method, but why is it not working on FM08? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i say i have searched alot, but i cannot find any answers that work for me! Thanks
  15. seanefc

    The FM08 Career Thread

    Started a new game unemployed with a semi-pro reputation. Still on FM2008 by the way. Leagues Loaded: Czech Republic: First Division England: League 2 upwards Germany: Division 3 upwards Hungary: Division 1 Italy: Serie C2 upwards Portugal: Bwin League Russia: Premier League Spain: Liga BBVA upwards Argentina: Premier Division Brazil: First Division Benevento Calcio - Italy - Serie C2/C After job hunting for around a month, I took the excelent offer on the table from Benevento in the Italien Serie C2/C. The date is 16th March 2008, and there are 7 games of the season remaining. It is imedietly apparent that this is a job with high expectations, Benevento had been predicted a first place finish in the league this season, and the board were asking from promotion in the next two years. Benevento currently sit 5th in the division in the final play off spot, 5 points behind leaders Catanzaro. Initial impressions of the squad are good, although a bit short in midfield and without a very good keeper. The best area is certainly up front with a couple of very good strikers, who are currently 2nd and 6th goal scorers in the division. The best area of the club is the finances, this is not a team which is short of money with 1.4m sat in the bank account, and a £750k transfer budget (some of which i may move over to wages) Aims: Serie C2/C - Make playoffs (winning the division is still obviously possible, but it may be a bit too ambitious for my first 7 games in charge) Benevento Squad screenshot is a bit late